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READ, People! Be original!

Thanks for your suggestions @helenabester


Yep. It’s a total disaster.
It almost makes me laugh when I see them writing “I perfectly understood your request” and after that copy pasted how many years of experience they have with let’s say data scrapping when I asked for animation.


I guess all those terrible seller responses are why I keep winning orders in the buyer request section. It’s not hard to sell yourself as a professional, so long as you take the time to understand the needs of the buyer, and learn how to connect with those who are asking for help.


Are probably the same people who googled “How do I get rich fast?”.

I once tried to buy a service using the Buyer Request.

Never again.


@jonbaas You still respond to buyer requests? :smiley:

Just joking. I like them for precisely this reason. I can win orders!


There are many popular tips that a lot of people follow and are grateful for it. :roll_eyes:

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I do. There’s gold in those requests, if you know how to communicate well. :wink:


How do you deal with the ridiculous offers? Do you respond with your own unique price or go with the buyer’s offer?

Is it true that only the first 10 people who send an offer get their messages seen, let’s say I send an offer after 10 current offers have already been sent, will the buyer who posted the request see my message and offer?

The first 10 thing is about unleveled sellers and requests being removed from the list shown to unleveled sellers when there are a certain number of offers (possibly 10 but that’s not been confirmed by CS) sent by unleveled sellers. It doesn’t happen like that if you’re a level 1 seller I think that’s why you should see a lot more requests when you’re level 1. Maybe people who’ve posted a recent buyer request (not an offer) can say the actual number of offers sent from unleveled sellers for it (so we can see what the maximum is).

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thank you to advise…!

Don’t bid on anything you are not comfortable with. Decide what you are going to spend your time on. Ridiculous offers are often not worth it. Be patient, and bid on offers that sounds reasonable.


Thank you.

In every single post complaining about not getting BRs, they all want to send template responses instead of giving buyers what they actually want.

Then they complain here.

It isn’t rocket science that if a buyer asks for something it’s because they want it.


I hate this…if the request seems legit I might still do it, but I don’t like the approach. I get why people do it, but it should take only a couple of seconds to see if you’re reading a template or if the bidder has actually addressed your questions.


I always wondered how did it feel like on the receiving end of “Respond to 30 buyer requests a day!!!” advice.


Oh, the buyer request section is worst for buyers than it is to sellers. I’ve used it twice as a buyer and I have never actually hired off that.

First your request has to be approved, and I just have to believe this is arbitrary cause I once have a legit request denied, while you often see requests of people actually offering services.

Then once approved you’ll receive a bunch of offers which are just spam, and even the ones that are worth reading are all unformatted. I don’t know why Fiverr does that, but paragraphs, lines break, lists and whatever else you may have written becomes one long string of plain text.

I still use the buyer requests for 2 reasons: Getting new orders (yes, it’s possible) and to send away people that message me with unrealistic budgets/expectations so they can see what that might get them.


very good for sharing this

I select whose request I wish to respond to, and I address their request personally.

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If someone asks for a keyword, buyers can use their Finder to search for that keyword. This would save you from sifting through hundreds of responses and isolate your results to only the responses that complied. Even if you only took 2 seconds for each of all of them, that adds up and a keyword would allow you to skip that.

I understand why they do it, it doesn’t mean I have to like it…it seems like a power play.

Let’s say it takes 3 seconds to tell if you’re reading off a template, then each 100 offers would take you 5 minutes to sort through…even if you double that amount we’d still be talking about 10 minutes.

If you’re not willing to put 10 minutes to find the right provider you may not be that invested in the order after all, so why should other people?

Again, if the request seems legit I might still do it, but I don’t like it.

Ps: I don’t mean to direct this at you, just expanding on my previous post based on your answer.