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Read the TOS for god sake!

we all have ignored so many terms and conditions while marking the ‘accept’ button that now ignoring the fiverr TOS has caused a whole lot of loss to most of the sellers on fiverr who are asking for simple and very basic questions whose answers they could easily find in the tos; only if they bothered tp read.

and that’s not it, such an action has caused so many useless questions to appear on the forum that scrolling down seems pretty useless now, even a bit of useful topics also disappear due to the this kind of spam.


BRAVO! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Absolutely! We have all been saying this for years …


but to no avail, whole the forum is legit infected with similar questions every now and then.


Not just “every now and then”, but all the time


They won’t read them. And they will ask why they get banned or get no sales, then they will argue when you give answers.


Also, because many experienced sellers are tired of seeing these types of questions repeated multiple times, they have quit visiting the Fiver Fourm. I am one of them.


besides, this keeps on growing but im yet a beginner and tired of seeing forum already

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Yes, You’re absolutely right. Lot’s unnecessary question and posting have been done from many of us and those are already mentioned in someone’s post. We don’t go throw those questionnaire.

Think of us who have been here for years. The posts like you mentioned are driving many experienced users away from the Forum because we do not like to repeat ourselves.

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yes that’s quite painful and true

but why even check other posts when everything is briefly explained in the TOS already!

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I have to tell you @mariayasir that I am fairly new to Fiverr and at first had a hard time understanding the forum bc it was mostly questions that were explained if we just take a look .When I signed up I read everything to make sure I understand correctly and am getting it down, but you’re right. I was kind of hoping to just get to know other sellers and show support here to everyone but I keep finding just questions that have already been explained. Please no offence anyone but this comment made a lot of sense to me.


When I first joined Fiverr in July of 2017, the Forum was more like that. But even then, the long time users said it was less—not as fun–as it once had been. In July of 2017, there was more camaraderie here, and I enjoyed it more.

Now the Forum seems to be a wasteland of new users and their posts which ask the same questions over and over. These people fail to seek to help themselves by looking up the answers using the search feature. After all, it is all explained on the Forum landing page. Most of the friendly interaction has left except for the emoji game.


I can understand the frustration for sure, especially for experienced Fiverr sellers, like I said I didn’t want to be that annoying person so made sure to read everything and even take courses. I do like how friendly everyone is here though, so the camaraderie I can totally relate to. It nice to have a support system here.


Forum are meant for this! Spamming is I think a normal thing across all platforms I guess.
For official Q/A we have FAQs.

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My story is quite the same and I was also having a hard time, even till now there are things which I have to google to find my answers since im very new to this platform. But the point is that when you and I can google our queries or read the tos then others can do it too, but shockingly they prefer misusing the forum.

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I’m afraid that even the bit of support system that’s left here, might start vanishing as the amount of such repeated questions keep on growing which is probably the main reason why forum has started to seem like a frustration.


Agree with you 1,000% @mariayasir definitely Google is my best friend too but hey, you’re putting in the work and so am I and the fact that you’re doing all of your research I’m positive you’re going to be very successful here, best wishes hun :heart:

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Very good point!! Smart girl, thinking ahead!

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