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Reading All Messages, Especially from "Users that You Can't Contact Directly"

This is something I find annoying both in the desktop and mobile app; when a “private” member attempts to solicit you for advice and you can’t do a single thing to their message such as read or even see what they’re offering. At one point you couldn’t even delete it off the mobile app. At least let us read the message but block it from replying rather than stopping it from being completely unclickable.

This is for seller and buyer protection. When a message is marked private it usually means it had harmful (phishing) links in it. This can also happen if the sender has been spamming inboxes and got reported.

I understand that part, thank you. Can you at least allow a delete function in the mobile app if the message is useless so we can get rid of it?

Reply to @blueoriontiger: I am just a user like you, not staff. You can archive the message and forget it, though. I’m sure Fiverr keeps all those messages in case they have to take further action. You can write directly to Customer Support if you like.