Reading some of the comments here on Fiverr search


Yes, there is no question that Fiverr search has been messed up. I have been experiencing this since December 2016. What can you do? I don’t know, try advertising on the right social media as some have suggested. I haven’t tried it and don’t know if it will work for you or not. So what can you do? I wish I had the answer.

All I will say is, hope you have saved for the rainy day, my friends! Freelance life is uncertain, there are no guarantees, and there is no one to hold your back. You are on your own. No point in complaining or cribbing because that’s the reality of life.But why just freelancing? All jobs are uncertain. I was in an MNC and got retrenched with 50,000 other people in India in 2013. Over 80 percent of engineering graduates in India cannot get a job and those who have been able to get a job are at risk of losing it.

It’s the same all over the world. We live in uncertain times. Embrace the uncertainty, don’t expect perfection, live in the present, don’t make too many plans for the future and don’t obsess over the past. Good luck, my friends!


It’s not the same all over the world. There are people on islands in Indonesia who live free, eat what they want, chill when they want, and love when they want, all without our big system with THE MAN and our obsessive reliance on money and ego things.

They are not stupid. The world keeps sending drones over to show us all how simple these folk are. This and why it’s imperative that we find a way to rescue them from savagery and sell them CocaCola. The islanders, however, throw sticks at such drones and kill any non-native who lands on their beaches.

To us, these people are simple but really they have the world while we have only a strange place of artificial uncertainty ruled by an orange reality TV star.

I know which side I’m choosing when it all gets too silly. I don’t care if the strange Indonesian islanders eat me alive as I try to claim asylum. It will still be better to choose freedom finally than live in indentured servitude to this mad ass world.


You should be writing books, that good you are :smiley: Your posts and thoughts always manage to fascinate me, and the way you write is so fluid, making each line flow to the next in no-time having the reader beg for more.

I wish I was born on that island and among the people you mentioned… I long for such a simple life, where one can actually experience the freedom and all the beautiful things life and nature have to offer us, instead of becoming a modern advanced person who’ll eventually end up like “Oh my Gosh, that’s how a living chicken looks like? And it walks, too? I never saw a living chicken before in all my 90 years! Let me take a selfie and upload it to the cloud via google drive because wetransfer is experiencing downtime lately!”


Why thank you, Yoda.


If the islands get too crowded when that day comes there is always room here just under the arctic circle. That is if you dont mind cold and snow, its april 30 and we got 15 centimeters of snow today (wont be crowded for sure).


Just calculated…my April was good, made 15% more than my monthly average on Fiverr. May will be pretty good too. This despite low position on search, ridiculously low impressions - my lowest ever. Who knows what will happen in June? Embrace uncertainty. Live day by day, week by week, month by month.


Well said…The competition in today’s world of racing is so tough no matter you do freelance or a particular job at some company…you have to be focused and updated with what you are doing…ups and downs, great joys and great losses are the part of life…


Ups and downs are the part of life.


Damn, my ratings have become max - “5” from the earlier “4.95”…still lowest on impressions.


I started way later (last week of February). So, this messed up thing is kinda normal to me. :smiley:

I use social media for my friends and family. Not crowded much with the audience to promote my Gigs, so I cannot do it either. :frowning:

Same goes for my country. :confused: :sleepy:

Thank You, Boro vai, at least I’ve hopes to move forward and some Bros like ya! :hugs:


You know, if this freelancing thing ever gets too monotonous for you both, I firmly believe that there is sufficient demand for a @writer99025 and @cyaxrex chat show/current affairs show. A mixture of obscure facts and satirical commentary - between you both you would embody the best attributes of Stephen Fry, John Stewart, Jerry Springer and Dr. Phil along with a smattering of Harry Enfield’s “Considerably richer than yauu” character.


I gave Cy two options - sports betting site/political blog, where I would help him out with the content. Rest is up to him.


Personally, I regard Writer as more of the Harry Enfield Tory Boy type. As for myself, I’m afraid that my personal humour is actually more of a mix of Rosanne Barr meets Frankie Boyle. Yes, I’m a little overweight disgustingly dark individual…

Notice the emphasis on little by the way. If I breathe in, I still have a 4 pack for anyone who cares to be interested in that and not my unsightly third nipple.


The two replies show exactly why my concept needs to happen, even as a YT channel.

Betting and politics have been done to death at this stage, the people want obscure opinions and the mocking of all around them - give them what they want!

Tory Boy is a really good shout actually, Tory could be substituted for a name he uses quite often that happens to has the same number of syllables.


They are not the same. Tories tend to be middle class/upper class Brits, while Modi supporters are generally lower middle class/working class/poor Indians. Modi grew up selling tea in Indian railway stations. David Cameron grew up in Eton.


I’m more referring to the similarity of your unwavering love and constant references rather than actually having the same beliefs.


Yes, and Margret Thatcher was a poor little bakers daughter… Who died with a Savoy Hotel full of dead miners stuffed in the closets and miraculously acquired millions. BULL POO!

Where there is any popularist politician with a transformer-like nickname like, Mitron or the Iron Lady, there is only the filthy stench of disambiguation and later rewritten history emanating from their most secretive spare nicker draw.

I have a photo of me having a cup of coffee in a train station in Thailand IN 2005. It doesn’t mean I saved millions from the later mega tsunami. ITS A PHOTO!


So not true.

One of the schools he attended was Eton - he was born and brought up in London.


LOL…shut up already, don’t show your ignorance.


I apologize for that…there is this stereotype about Tory supporters which I alluded to. I know very well that is not the case. Today, a vast majority of Brits are Tories and Mrs. May is all set to win a landslide victory. I am the UK correspondent for a European online magazine :slight_smile: