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Ready made custom offers to send with one click


We need to have a selection of ready made custom offers to send so we do not waste time when we are contacted filling out the form each time, usually with the same custom offer for most who ask questions or message us.

We need ways to use custom offers much more than we do now.

  1. gigs which ONLY offer custom offers
  2. ready made custom offers we can simply choose and click on

We could also have an option to send a custom offer with our delivery of an order.


I don’t really want a ready made custom offer because if I was making the same custom offer a lot, I’d just turn it into a gig, or package on a current gig.

I would like to be able to send a custom offer and not relate it to a gig. Like a ‘this is a custom offer’ gig that’s defaulted to by Fiverr rather than me having to set one up, which I’m going to do now I’ve thought about it.


Those are good points.

I find I send the same custom offer to people. My average price of custom offers are more than the average selling price of my usual orders. My custom offers lets people see what I expect to be paid for the deluxe service.


You don’t have packages on all (any?) of your gigs. You could implement packages and put the ‘deluxe’ service as your expensive package.


I’m not a fan of packages for a few reasons including the layout. I like the old layout.
Packages do not seem like something that fits with my category.

I actually have more than 3 price options so people can customize exactly what they want and how much they pay.


That is of course your call. It’s just that your suggestion here for standard ‘custom offers’ (which isn’t really a custom offer) already has a solution, which is packages.


Custom offers are what I send to people who message me. I send several every day.

They are accepted at least half the time. They work well. Whatever works best is something that needs to be studied and improved upon in any way possible.

When someone takes the time to message me, that means usually they have a more than passing interest in my offerings. These are the ones who need to get a custom offer and are much more likely to use that to make a purchase.

They are messaging me because they are unsure what to get and asking for guidance about that and it gives me a chance to tell them what to get.


Using packages doesn’t mean people can’t message you. 90% of my orders are people messaging me and I send them a link to the relevant package when we’ve discussed what they need. Since implementing packages I only need to send a custom offer occasionally.

But like I said, it’s your call, and if packages don’t work for you then that’s fine. I just mention it because I think you need to set your expectations low that someone in Fiverr’s going to implement a custom solution for you, when there’s a system wide solution.


I guess I’m an eternal optimist.


Good idea!
I also think it would be useful to have the option to send a customisable pre-written message to answer buyers’ requests. Just like on the chat/orders page… I’m quite sure that would save up a lot of time as well…