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Ready or Not—Wyclef Jean is joining Pro


You know him as the creator of the Fugees. And the world knows him as the legendary musician, actor, singer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Wyclef Jean. And now he’s adding one more accolade to his already impressive resume: Fiverr Pro. But why listen to us? We’ll let Wyclef explain it himself:

Yes, you heard that right. Wyclef Jean will be joining our platform as a Fiverr Pro seller to launch our new Music & Production Fiverr Pro categories. And we’ve got a week of content and events to celebrate everything about the business of music.

Starting today, we’re kicking off Fiverr x Wyclef Jean with a killer lineup of programming:

  1. Wyclef Goes #FiverrPro — Want to know how to take your music career to the next level? Just ask Wyclef. He will be giving bands and aspiring musicians the opportunity to have their best work listened to and critiqued live on August 9th. Want your chance at having Wyclef as a musical mentor? Submit your best work to him, here.
  2. A Content Machine —Our blog will turn into a music and production-focused jukebox, churning out educational content about every facet of the music business. Listen up to learn about everything from album covers to xylophone Gigs from the best in the biz, included musically-gifted buyers and sellers and (of course) several articles from Wyclef himself. Fiverr Pro sellers will also be “remixing” Wyclef’s work in fresh and innovative ways (and mediums)!
  3. A Wyclef Jean Collection —When it comes to Wyclef, not just any Gig will do. So he himself hand-curated a collection of his favorite music and production Gigs to jumpstart your music industry career, that will go live on August 6th. Until then, check out all our newest Music & Production Gigs, here.
  4. Doers Spotlight —Wyclef will host an evening of content about the business of music and creativity to a live audience of creatives, musicians, entrepreneurs and music industry-doers, as well as the Fiverr community.

Can’t make it? We’ve got you covered and will be live streaming the event on August 9th at 6:30pm EST on Our Facebook page.

Fiverr x Wyclef Jean is just the latest step in our commitment to bringing community opportunities to learn and do with the world’s best. Stay tuned (literally) for more amazing content and collaborations to come!

Want to know more about Fiverr x Wyclef Jean? Ask below—and stay glued to our Insta Stories all week for exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Wyclef Jean is now on Fiverr, Wy Not Show Him A Music Video Treatment?

Sak Pase :tada:

OMG I :heart: love Wyclef Jean.

This is a flippin’ amazing opportunity! :ok_hand:t4:

Representing the refugees from the :palm_tree: Caribbean-worldwide. :haiti:

I remember when the Fugees (Lauryn Hill, Pras, Wyclef) hit the scene with their Album “The Score” with the banger Fu-Gee-La song. Wow, I’m excited to see industry talent here!

YT for the official video. :headphones:


Really @mjensen415? You couldn’t have tried a title like:
Ready or Not Wyclef Jean is joining Pro

It’s like you are not even trying…



Or “Killing me softly” :stuck_out_tongue:


Lauryn Hill was one of the best acts we ever had at Pinkpop (huge Dutch music festival). Long ago though.


:heart: Ms. Hill, her voice, acting & style.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is still apart of my life. :wink:

Mario, what’s one of your favorite songs?


Here is a video of the actual gig.
I was somewhere in the crowd :slight_smile:


True, true. I do like yours better. Updated.



Yet, both are covers :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yasss, lawd! She’s everything! :wink:

I’ll tell ya what most artists can’t sing :microphone: live. It takes a special kind to pull it off, Ms. Hill is one of those artists. :clap:t4:


I remember that they played a Bob Marley CD before she started. ‘Redemption Song’ gave me the chills when it was blasted over the field.


The Preacher’s Son? Anything can happen!


@eoinfinnegan Here’s another song that I absolutely :heart: By Wyclef with dreads, he worked with Mary J. Blige on this joint. Listen to the words or google the lyrics. :wink:

Aww, I love it when I listen to music and it makes me have an outer body experience. I think she shaved off her dreads, too. I remember I tried growing dreads for a week and was like no way jose. :grin:


this is will be cool


Lauryn Hill was one of the best acts.


so in the future we will see Steven Spielberg joined fiverr Pro and offering his short video editing gig for only $10,000 ? :smile:


maybe we will see that also


J.K. Rowling joins Fiverr in 1995

Receives first Message:
I want 7 books about a young wizard and his friends but my budget is $5. Don’t reply if you can’t do it

J.K. Rowling leaves Fiverr in 1995


This one is my fave from Wyclef <3

I’m in trouble…