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Ready this sellers , what i figured out

i never bother reading topics that has over 60 comments or more or maybe above 15 its useless for example threads like , how to get customers , why dont i get customers.

i will cut to the point now , in my gigs i se arrows pointing down meaning gig views are decreasing because other gigs are bumping up.

in fiverr index page you will se default random high top rated gigs , they are most likely to get clicked more and get more sales.

my new discover…

my gigs was dried for 1week and now that i posted a new gig of course this gig will get bumped right to the top of new section , this is when i started to get clicks on my gigs from customers even orders.

i think due to people posting new gigs every day , our gigs gets burried below only way it will be seen is when its randomized and put on the top if i have more news il let u no

Didn’t clearly understood because of not so good english but I think you are right about new gigs. I recently added new gig and it started getting nice amount of sales.

yes, also look at my rank in this discussion shows ( 1 )

go to my profile lol

Well that’s true, thanks for sharing my sales has been dried up from over 2 weeks now.