Real Accent Dilema for my Voice Over Gig Advice!


So I had a cancellation this morning. My first . My accent is not British enough!!!
Well either I’ve been duped or they have a point. I now live in Florida so I have an American twang.
I have whats called a MID-ATLANTIC accent a blend of British American (more British than American)
Marketing this as a niche has not worked, you would think this helps sell products across the pond both ways. As its appealing to American and British Audiences. Buyers on Fiverr don’t seem to know what MID-ATLANTIC even means. So I have a serious dilema on how to market myself.


You could always revise it and make an even more British sounding voice if you/they wanted (or make it sound very London like if they wanted). But it does actually sound British as it is I. Maybe for the “British voice over” gig you could remove the “English - American” as one of the things listed in it if that’s possible, to make it more specific. Also there’s a “full demo reel” option in that gig that contains at least one American accent demo (the proposition 101 one). Maybe that could be removed from the “British voice over gig” to make it more specific and have that demo (any American ones) in one of the other voice-over gigs demos.


I wouldn’t worry too much about having to re-brand yourself just because of one buyer’s opinion and order cancellation. If you have multiple buyers complaining about that accent, then you might have something to assess, but one complaint just means that that one buyer doesn’t understand accents at all, and it’s probably just an isolated incident.


Thanks Jonbass
This has shaken by self belief. The recording was perfect my spidy sences tell me I’ve been had. But this makes us stonger right.


I had advertised it as a perfect Mid-Atlantic accent as of yesterday. Fiverr seems to be 1 step forward and 2 steps back


This was, most likely, a case of an overly demanding buyer who doesn’t understand accents, and doesn’t really know what he wanted. :wink:

It sounds like you did everything right, and the buyer was just hard to please.

Keep up the good work!