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Real estate Cold Calling and Appointment Settings

Hello, This is Sadab and I’m a real estate virtual assistant. Since 2019, I’ve been working with real estate investors. The majority of my work consists of cold calling campaigns, skip tracing, property research, seller lead management, cash buyer list building, e-mail, and SMS marketing.

Are you a real estate investor, realtor, or broker searching for a professional cold caller to locate inspired sellers? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

I have experience in software like MOJO, GoDialer, Xencaller, Podio, Vici Dialer, Textnow. I’ve dialed all kinds of lists, including Foreclosure, Vacant, Rental, Probate, FSBO, and a few others.

My field of specialization:

  • Making cold calls

  • Generating Leads

  • Appointment setting

If you want me to do something that isn’t on the list, please contact me.

Invest in my service today, and I promise top-tier performance that will maximize your revenue.

Please contact me to check availability before placing an order.

Best Regards,

SadabOrder now