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Real Estate Logo Design Gig - PLEASE HELP ME?


Hi everyone,

I’m Experienced Logo Designer but I’m a new seller at Fiverr. Can anyone please take a look at my new gig and help me further improve my gig? Here is a link:

Also can you please provide some tips to get clients as a new seller?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


I think for a specialized service-- ie, you’re not just designing logos, you are designing them specifically for real estate clients-- you need to do outreach to real estate agents and firms and offer your services either through social media or contacting them directly.

in the meantime, your gig description has some grammar flow issues, and the word ‘business’ seems overused.

also your FAQ’s are quite long-winded as you repeat a lot of the information already written in your description. The first FAQ mentions the fitness industry, which doesn’t relate.

anyways, just some suggestions, good luck : )



Thanks so much for your time & efforts to provide valuable suggestions. I think the idea of outreach campaign is great.

I’ve just edited my gig to fix these issues. Would you mind to check it out again? I’ll be very thankful to you.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Any more suggestions please?


make your gig tittle using the right keyword
brainwash and find out what people search in the internet about your type of service
take those keywords
make a gig name
it will help and if possible add a nice explained video about your gig


Hi @untitledartwork,

Thanks for your suggestions. I think you are right, I should have an explainer video in my gig because people love videos. :slight_smile:

By the way, I’ve already done some keyword research and have included those keywords in my gig title.

Thank you very much for your time to reply my post. Is there anything else that you think can help me get clients here on Fiverr?


a good communication skill and teamwork with 90% honesty
my husband is also a producer
if you need help the community is here


@untitledartwork, Thanks for being willing to help me. I didn’t get what does it mean by 90% honesty? Why not 100%? :slight_smile:


Tars whats your honesty perimeter ?
ninety percent

90% it is dr brand


Oh. Now I got it. To be honest, I had never heard that term before. :smiley:


its a line from movie interstellar


is that 90% to be honest or 10% to be honest


Of course 90% :slight_smile: