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Real name vs username?

hi everyone!
I want to know something,
many people told me fiverr account should be your real name but I made an account with FB login details and this is not my real name…
it is necessary to make an account with real name?
should I need to mention my real name in the description?

where should I change my username?



You should add your real name from the Setting option. Fiverr may ask you for a Verification any time where you need to provide your Government Issued Document like ( Passport, D.License, National ID Card ) where your original name is written.

Otherwise it will be a toughest time for your to proof your Identity to fiverr team.

Happy Freelancing… :sparkling_heart:


You can’t change your username. It is locked in when you create your account.


i cant find in setting a way to set my name… can u guide me?


No, it is not necessary to use your real name as a username. Depending on your services, it might make you seem more authentic, but that’s exceptionally category-specific.

In my opinion, your username is fine and you don’t need to change it.

If you still feel the need to use something different, contact CS first and please see:

Be forewarned that you might not be able to use the information you’ve already provided to Fiverr, images or data. Fiverr is very strict about their one-account-per-person policy.


I don’t use my real name and I don’t see any negative impact. In my case it’s quite the opposite. If Buyers google my Fiverr username the first page they get is my Deviantart, which could be considered my portfolio. I go by that name in many places because it’s almost never taken and I hate to add numbers after my username.

I don’t see anything wrong with your user name. I don’t think Buyers even care about it, they care more about the quality of your gigs.


So you’re not called “Z”? Now I am disappointed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have always used my real first name but the last gets tricky in some databases that decline hyphenation (yay for being illegitimately related to an Earl :crown:). I made a personal policy a few decades ago to drop band names and be me. I very much made it a thing that in online spaces I am me the person and not an avatar.

I have has some strong relationships with Avatar people in forums but often it is initially easier when I get a sense of who the person is. Mostly that really comes from how the person behaves (or doesn’t) so Avatar or not, but be a really good person in how you act and that is your Brand.



I NEVER use my real name as my user name.

That’s only because my user name is part of the brand I created for myself as a freelance writer.

“looseink” is Loose Ink…get it?

Anyway, I have used this user name/brand on multiple platforms for the past 10+ years.

But I won’t hesitate to tell you my name, if needed.

I’m George, by the way.


And here was I thinking you were taking every opportunity to say loo sink to me. It did seem a little odd how hung up on bathroom basins you were. Thanks for clarifying.

I am now going to grow up.



Well, “Z” is how french people often prononce “the” when speaking English. And “reine” means queen in French. So, everybody who mentioned my username have been calling me “The Queen” with a french accent the entire time. At least that’s how I like to imagine it. :rofl:

By the way, I don’t mind saying my real name. My name is Caroline. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well played!


Well played.


@looseink and @zreine

Which one is more real? The one that your parents painted you with without knowing who you were or wanted to become… or the one that you created for yourself?

I’m at the point where I don’t really care about names anymore.

Call me whatever you like!


Hello Skimblywobb Sklurgedrupp

I know I said I was going to grow up, but in my defense I got given sugar.

I think names are important but how we carry ourselves more so. I think the names or avatars we choose for ourselves (whether our birth name or not) have power so we need to live up to them.

Names like ilike69 probably have more to live down than wordsfire has to live up to.



Okay, I didn’t expect something that long! :rofl:

You get another “Well played :trophy: of the day!!@benedictrm. Though, I agree the names are important but how we carry ourselves more so…


It is one of my peculiar peccadillos to precure silly names for things (or people - who I am told are not things).

Late least year I wrote an article lampooning the stupidity of endless (pretend) “Pro” Mix Engineers. the parody device ended up at:

Spiritually Advanced Infinitely Sprongulated Sprongulator Pro Ultra Bundle Cloud Collective Unity (for a low low $29.99 per month)



I was named after Caroline de Monaco, no matter which one you pick it’s still referencing royalty, so both are fine in my book. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


it’s doesn’t matter with your name and username… Username is the brand as describe @looseink

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You can choose your username whatever.That’s not a big issue.

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I’m fond of my user name probably because I’ve been using it so long…it’s sort of become an identity for me.

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Nice to meet you George, I’m Alex. :slight_smile:

So yes, I am another example just like yours. I don’t believe it’s necessary to use your real name to create a freelance brand.