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Real prices very different from advertised

I’m having two sellers that show their prices as $5, $15, and $20 for their premium. When I tell them what I want, and it’s what they said they could do, they offer the gig at $350. (another one at $45). What is this? isn’t this supposed to be something in the range of $5 dlls? How can they advertise a price and then change it completely?

Sellers have to walk a fine line between offering low low prices and also getting enough to make the job worthwhile and it’s difficult.

Price depends on your requirements. If you asked for something that is not covered in the basic gig then sellers have the right to make you a custom offer at higher price range.

That being said, if you don’t like their prices then move to a next seller. It’s an open market and you get to choose your seller.

If you are looking for a service that’s worth $5 then you’ll get it for $5. However, some gigs might be worth more than $5.


The prices you see are starting prices for the minimum offerings, and the actual price depends on what you actually want.

What you want may be far beyond their basic gig.

A car might be advertised at $20,000, but to get it the way you want it may cost an extra few hundred or few thousand MORE depending on the options you select.

If what you are asking takes a pro 2 to 4 hours (or more) to complete, what do you think they should charge? The starting prices are based on a specific amount of work (usually very little) but custom gigs can be 20 or 30 times more, or just a few dollars more, depending on your actual specifications.

Just normal in the freelance world. It still applies that you rarely get something valuable for very little money. Something for nothing ($5 or $10) is even rarer.

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That’s a high price when they are showing it for $5. What is it, a website?

I ask because that is a very big price jump.