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Real salute to our Independence with the help of Fiverr


Fiverr is providing a great platform to all of them who want to become his or her own boss. Here no one will stop you if you are doing good. Even every one will appreciate you !!! I am having 3 years of experience in corporate sector and i left my job in 2010. After leaving my job i have joined fiverr and now getting same level of job satisfaction in Fiverr.

Once again my grand salute to Fiverr and my Independence.

Best Regards,

Kushal Gupta


Great story Kushal !

Glad to see Fiverr is really working out for you ! Keep Gigging !




Way to go man! I’m also trying to earn from Fiverr full time. One thing I don’t miss is traffic jam


I love Fiverr :slight_smile: