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Real time visuals

Since there is no face to face communication on fiver, how can buyers be sure that the images they get about a real model are not rendered or fake?

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Fiverr has mentioned in its rules and regulation that if you upload somebody’s work in your gig then your account will be banned. So there might be a software that can check the original work file and separate the fake files. It is my assumption. I work in 3D rendering as well and with my experience I can tell by looking at an image whether it is rendered or a fake picture.

I had a fiver account back in 2017 but I never got a customer, so I deleted that account and made a new one. Would doing so remove any bad impression my previous account had on my profile? I basically need a neaw start on fiver and earn a living.


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@saeed1997 I will suggest you to create original content for the gigs. Once you have made your gigs you should Update your portfolio gallery often. Try to make changes to your description. Change the cost of your gig. I am new here as well I told you all the things I have done myself. Best wishes!

yes your are a good qushen for a fiverr forum

Thankyou for your support. I really appreciate it and hope to give it my very best.