Real visitors possible


Hi, i have 2 questions:

i ordered some traffic for my site, but i have a problem to belive that the can send thousends of real visitors to my my site? Is that possible?

Which gig i have to use when i want target traffic from other sites. I mean promotion comments on good sites with links - and this unique?

Thank you very much


Yes it possible to send real visitors to your website, i have some gig that can help you do that


Realy! But how could that work for just 5dollar?


Reply to @musterdepot: As an example for owners of large popular sites with thousands of visits per minute this is possible by putting tracking codes on links. Can also be done by owning hundreds of less popular sites and this is what i’m guessing the more common way on fiverr as big popular sites can make much more with less effort using other methods.


i have a facebook promoring gig. you can get 100% real genuine traffic through Facebook.

Then you understand , it is possible


Reply to @traffic_killer: I saw it on ebay buy-now for $3


It. Is. All. BS. Are you getting visitors? Real people who are actually interested in your content? No. If that were the case every person who is offering this service would have 1000’s of sales. They are ALL using Black Hat Methods which are not allowed on Fiverr in the first place! Site/Click sharing, Bots, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Oh…Do you have an Adsense account connected to your site? Not for long after you pay $5.00 for “1000’s” of visitors/impressions. Google will kill that before you get your first Adsense Check…Which you will no longer be entitled to because you PAID FOR IMPRESSIONS which is against Adsense TOS.

Create content. Good content. Optimize your site for every search engine. PAY FOR REAL ADVERTISING!!! Facebook/Adsense/Youtube/Yadda Yadda all have affordable advertising plans that will actually TARGET YOUR TRAFFIC TO PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED! I do amazing with Facebook Ad’s!

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not Fiverr bashing at all. We have an amazing community here. But if Fiverr doesn’t start enforcing their own rules… We’re gonna be no different then the "Dark-Net."

Sorry for the Rant…In a mood today.



Reply to @socalusa1: ok this is not ebay. this is fiverr.