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Really awful website being built as i speak, I dont actually believe this seller is a web designer!

oh dear I hired a web designer to build a website, was very honest and told them that I really new nothing about websites and I would have to rely on their expertise. We are in the middle of the project, and it is horrible, truly I really could have done better myself. I really don’t want to go any further with this gig, and I don’t believe this person is a web designer at all. I sent some images to show him the sort of design for one part of the site, and he simply plonked it in there as was! Erm copyright? It looks nothing like the template that he showed me, in fact it looks like a website from the 1980s! has anybody got any advice?

I would change all of your passwords and then tell him what you just said here. You can also request a cancellation and refund.

Option B (especially if you didn’t pay much) - just tell him a story to spare his feelings. Sort of along the lines of you’ve got to break this up, it’s you not him, he’s been great, an emergency came up, you have to travel to a remote part of the world where the Internet doesn’t exist, you’re really going to miss him but think it’s for the best - something like that. :slight_smile:

If you don’t know anything about websites, it could be the case that your expectations are way to high for the price you’re paying.

You should also provide to the seller any image or text that you want him to include, not only a mock-up of the result that you expect.

I’m a web developer myself, but I don’t offer my services on Fiverr, at least by now, because I know that what’s happening to you can easily occur and I want to think about how will I manage this sort of issues.

Making a nice and modern customized website takes a very long time.

If I were you, I’d talk to the buyer and explain my concerns. Communication solves many problems. And if the seller can’t provide what you need, you could mutually cancel the order in a friendly manner.

yes and no to belengarcia.

yes, sometimes people’s expectations are 2 high.

however, it’s the job of the seller to CLEARLY COMMUNICATE what they expect to do for the $$$.

especially since you made it clear you are a newbie at this.

i’ve been where you are, and you’ll live and learn.

in the beginning i paid someone $250 to do a 10-page WordPress website…they told me they are new to elance, so it’s a discounted rate, yada yada yada…so i provided mock-ups with graphics i pulled from the web, other sites, etc…and the just copied and uploaded it all as is into WordPress…i was like come on, you already know I know how to do that. why would i pay you $250 to do that?

i’ve learned that most people in general, and seems especially people who work on computers all day, and especially ‘creative types’ just have ZERO ability (desire?) to get in the head of their clients and really dig out what the client wants.

in short, great idea to hand over ‘leadership’ of the project to them, but simply enabling them to be a leader is NOT enough…you have to do due diligent to sort out whether they are a leader or not…unlikely to happen on Fiverr, to be honest.

You won’t get much of a website for $250 or even $1500. Finding a talented website designer who will make a site to look and act like you want it to is something that extremely difficult to do and probably won’t happen for that price or anything close to it.

I’m so sorry this happened to you! You learned a very expensive lesson which is be absolutely certain before you hire someone that you are getting someone who is the best. And the best costs more so be prepared to pay accordingly.

brother i know how you feel,

can you please give me 1 chance

please inbox me

i’ll give you my previous work, i’ll make your website before you order and if you like it then you’ll buy otherwise no problem

I found a great seller that as build 4 websites for me and was pretty cheap!

It truly is sad the number of Fiverr sellers who are trying to make a quick buck by offering services that aren’t capable to handle. I offer a web design gig here on Fiverr that I’ve done well with, but out of every 3rd or 4th order the buyers tell me how they had a bad experience with another seller or how they weren’t delivered what was promised. Luckily, I consistently over-deliver when I can and people have loved the work I’ve done so far. These bad sellers just make it hard for us good sellers.

A good stream of positive ratings is a must when hiring a seller on Fiverr. Make sure they have good ratings and lots of them. Make sure to read through some of the good ratings, as well as the negative ratings. You’ll be amazed at how much these ratings will tell you about a seller before you work with them.

I would do as the previous commenters have mentioned, remove their access from your website, fire the “web designer” and request a cancellation. This way you’ll get your money back and can go hire out a qualified web designer.

Good luck to you!


how much did you pay ?

if you paid 5 dollars and expected your site to be wonderfull, its your fault…

if you have a realistic budget, i can help, msg me…


I’m web developer, can you send me examples of what you wanted and what he did and how match you paid? Maybe I can help…

I’m puzzled by all the web designers on fiverr who have zero examples to show of sites they’ve designed.