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Really bade experience with proofreading service

One of my first gigs on feverr, and it looks like an embezzlement or a fake. Proofreading add, with lots of positive reviews (I assume the fake ones). The author just desn’t speak english, the file that I received was more like a software generate list of words.

It really leaves a bad taste in the mouth, ho can i trust Fever, if they cant take care of fake accounts…


Thanks, as mentioned, it was my first experience with Fiverr and not a good one. I’ve added you my favorites, but at the moment I’m not sure I’ll keep using Fiverr.

Thanks for your offer though!


Did you contact the seller before you placed your order? That can be helpful to figure out if they are a good communicator and if they are a Native English speaker by how they respond to you.


If you don’t take my explanation that the post was written at 2AM in the morning (hence the number of mistakes) - that’s fine. But let’s assume you are right, and I’m quite illiterate. Why it didn’t occur to you that if illiterate person complains about the spelling mistakes in the document it would mean that the document provided to was indeed really horrible?

Instead of allowing the benefit of a doubt you decided to engage in personal attack on me, not sure it’s a great approach, honestly.

Cheers and good luck.


@elovkoff stating the facts is not a personal attack and poor grammar and spelling do not equate with being illiterate. For the sake of argument if an illiterate person complained about the content of a document they may be holding it upside down. However if a literate person complains about the content of a document & starts calling someone out and saying they do not speak English in an error filled post, well… he who casts the first stone and all that. Anyhow if you have a complaint with, or about the seller I would suggest you address it with the seller, or with support as calling out anyone on here is not allowed.

Sorry for mistakes, it’s 2 AM here… the name of the author is Fragglesrock and his profile is here: Fragglesrock

Feverr, please make sure this doesn’t happen on your site.

*** Sheriff’s note: Naming and shaming is not permitted on the forum. The user’s identifying information has been replaced with “fragglesrock.” Read the do’s and don’ts of the forum located at the top of every page before posting. ***

Can’t even find the place to lave the review for this guy, or can’t find the way to complain to feverr.

Reply to @elovkoff:

Always check out negative reviews, especially those without the seller responding to. These raise a flag.

There was only only one that I could find, so this is why I’m saying that the reviews are most likely fake as well.

How do contact feverr directly? Couldn’t find the place and couldn’t find the place to leave the review myself.

@elovkoff First of all you are not allowed to call out other people on the forum. Secondly, I cannot possibly see how you can provide any insight or be in a position to comment on a proofreading gig when your post is littered with grammatical and spelling errors and the site is Fiverr. Not feverr. If you look at the top of this page you will see a link to contact support. Fiverr support.

On another note, I’ll do your proofreading for you. Native English speaker here! And I agree, it upsets me a lot that my cheaper “competition” sometimes consists of foreigners who sell to other foreigners, trusting that they won’t know the difference. Or maybe they actually THINK they’re good English speakers, but to a native they certainly are not. If you don’t speak fluent English, create a gig to do something ELSE…not write or proofread.