Really disappointed with my first month on Fiverr. Not enough buyers. What did i do wrong?


Have been a seller for about a month now, and again i’m really disappointed with my gig performance. i design ebook cover, for 5 dollars i will design TWO ebook covers. Did you hear me? TWO for God’s sake! That is a lot of work for 4 dollars. But still…not enough buyers came to my gig.

I have done everything that i could have done.

  1. I over-delivered( two covers for 5 dollars,unlimited revisions and Plus 3D design.

  2. all of my gigs are express deliveries( 24 hours!)

  3. I communicated nicely with my clients( although some of them almost made me want to cry, haha),

  4. I optimized my keywords in my title, description, tag.

  5. I put video on my gig.

    But my gig is nowhere to be found in fiverr auto search result (keyword: book cover). Sometimes my gig appeared in express search result, but most of the time, not available. What the hell, man! And it’s always the same sellers that appear in the auto search result, I often wonder how did my previous customers found me? i can’t even found my own gig.

    Please review my sucky gig :

    If you have anything to say about my gig or to criticize about my gig, Just say it, don’t hold back, i welcome all kind of input whether sweet or sour or bitter. I’ll have to swallow them all the same.

    For the experienced seller on this forum:

    What can i do to attract more customers, What would you do? owww i do envy those who were complaining of not having enough time to complete orders, i hope i can be that busy soon!

    And for the experienced buyers on this forum:

    Imagine that you’re planning to buy an ebook cover, what are your criteria of choosing the best gig that will deliver your cover? Maybe i’m missing something.

    Thanks in advance.


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To much right? I was thinking the same thing.

But i’m not planning on selling TWO ebook covers design for long.Are you crazy? haha. This is more like a promotional gig, after i reached certain level, I will sell ONLY ONE ebook cover for 5 dollars( like normal, sane people). At least that was my original plan.

And about promotion. Any ideas?


I too had the same problem. My gig was too broad, I offered to write on virtually any subject, was willing to give articles for free and so on, and then I realized I needed to focus on a specific niche in which I was trained in.

I specialized, and after a few months things started to happen. I narrowed the focus for my buyers and ultimately for myself. They know exactly what to expect. I also have a blog that is relevant to what I do here, with the Fiverr widget and I do get a considerable amount of traffic from that, as well as, repeat customers.

The first buyer that ordered from me is still ordering to this day. The majority of my gigs are multiples now meaning one gig will have an order of eight articles each, so I stay busy. It will take time to build a base. Fiverr is not a get rich quick operation; it is designed for the long term.


First, be patient! Also, be active in the forums I have had two orders from the forum, but also it helps keep you encouraged and see that others go through the same things. I bet that admin looks at your activity here, if they see you are active here they know you are serious about the job. Another thing I always do several times a day is scroll through the i need bar…I have gotten 25% of my sales that way…I have responded to one request and had the person say…well that is already done but can you???>>>> and I said yes of course!

Good luck!


Thanks ghostblogger and katylady77,

I guess i have to be more patient. I have to figure something out in order to bring more traffic to my gig aside from the traffic generated by fiverr search engine.


I agree, sales come in waves for everyone. I also have gigs where I write general articles on any subject, but my better performing gigs are my niche ones, where I have some experience in and training.


I have a steady flow but it took some time.


I’m contemplating of only selling ONE ebook cover design, but what will become my unique selling proposition then? What will makes the prospective buyer to choose my service when there are a lot of top rated sellers that sell the same amount of ebook cover?

Hard to compete with the big boys :((


I’m in your same situation… Since I joined fiverr… I had only 1 gig request!


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Maybe you make your gig express, at least buyers can find you in the express section. Just my suggestion.


I don’t see any reasons for any disappointments. I’ve always been happy when i see even one order in my queue :slight_smile: Just enjoy Fiverr and do your best to make all your customers happy and satisfied. Good luck!


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Thanks, i do take pleasure making my customers happy and satisfied, the problem is there are not a lot of them. hahaha.

I need to be more grateful, i guess


I mean just enjoy it my friend, you know that good things come slowly :slight_smile:


I’ve been on Fiverr only a few days, but I’ve been pretty happy with the amount of orders I’ve had :slight_smile:


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Wow very impressive, 4 days and already 8 customer reviews. Keep it up!


Can I add a few things from a buyers point of view.

I only buy one ebook cover at a time, so two for a fiver is not a good deal for me. I would prefer express turnaround, or a free marketing flyer as an extra incentive.

I do not look at videos, I am much concerned with the artists work.

Much of what you have on display is the same as everybody else. Its good stuff but there is a slew of it on fiverr at the moment.

I would like to see some radically different styles. Maybe antique style or futuristic but definitely something that will stand you apart.

Hope that this helps


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Thanks! Finally, a view from a buyer perspective. I guess i can only sell ONE ebook cover, but with 24 hours delivery( express turnaround)

And i will spend the day making new samples. Different styles. Much more eye catching and professional.

Antique style or futuristic you say, hurmmm… you just gave me a valuable pointer! Thanks again

Need to keep on working!


Just looking at your Gig now, 20 orders in 27 days, that’s pretty impressive! Keep it going, I wouldn’t say it’s a bad month at all!




Reply to @indiemunity: Yeah that is not bad


Sapizol it could be worse like in my situation… it’s very impressive your result cause I’m here on Fiverr from 3 months… and I’ve only 7 orders completed successfully but recently I’ve lost my EXPRESS gig status due to 1 failed delivery (I had an issue with the email address)… I really don’t know how other people could see my gigs on Fiverr now… any advice is welcome… :slight_smile: