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Really Disappointed


I had a really bad experience with fragglesrock. I tried to leave my experience in his profile due to I was feel disapointed on his working attitude. He replys to me immediately after found my comment and asked me to amend my comment asap. I was Ok if he delivered some finally and I was stupid to pay him again for another job. In the second order, he’s still no reply my message dated 2/17. Now, I really feel disappointed and never place an order thru fiverr. Also, never recommend to use …

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There are thousands of sellers around, don’t let one bad experience with a bad seller make you think we’re all the same. I am sorry about your situation; you can contact Customer Support and they will help you on this matter.


You should write to Customer Support and receive your money back. Please, let me know if you would have any questions! I’m here to help!

exilegraphics said: don't let one bad experience with a bad seller make you think we're all the same.

I totally agree with you. You will find honest and professional people for a very low price on Fiverr. People are not the same. You also can return your money back. Just write to Customer Support about this situation. Don't give up.


As mentioned, there are plenty of good people around-don’t let one bad experience bring you down!!! I also agree on the fact to try and get your money back if you did not get the result you were hoping for. I am very sorry you had such a bad experience!!!


all are not the same !


That seller needs to be banned! This is the umpth time I have seen buyers crying for disappointment from the same seller!

I really don’t know the work of the mods here, other than to shout on people who post their links or something.

I think mods should serve as a feedback channel to the fiverr support team and let the support check the accounts of sellers that have been bitterly complained upon by buyers!

This will help to instill sanity on fiverr and make other obnoxious sellers stay clear of scamming buyers or making them feel cheated.

My 2 cent!

Sorry Bro!



Reply to @graphics_pro360: “fragglesrock” isn’t a real seller name. You see it so often because it is used to replace real usernames since they aren’t supposed to be placed on the forum.

As far as the mods, right now I don’t think there are enough active ones to keep up with the tons of plain spam, much less anything else. They are busy with their own sales and it isn’t like they get anything extra for being mods. Fiverr doesn’t always listen to them either. I would love to see them have more help, but I don’t think they should be involved in posts about bad sellers and buyers.

The people having trouble with others users need to write to Customer Support. The forum is just a place to rant about it and maybe get a little advice, but it isn’t a substitute for CS.