Really disopointed with buyer who want work free


Yesterday an buyer bought gig from my country. he or she want SEO audit report i did. but i have doubt she will ask for cancel because i have past experience with my country people really worst… i did his/her work then said Unsatisfied. Worst Audit. i have more then 90 satisfied client. but this user want work free i know the strategy. please fiverr take care of us(Seller) save us from those buyer.


I will admit that I feel the same for the people of our country.

It’s in our blood to negotiate and try to get everything at discounted price.

I try to ignore these people because I know eventually I will be doing 10 times the work with a negative feedback. 8-|


Does this apply to whole of the subcontinent? So,i can be on the safe side in future. :-<


You can contact fiverr Customer Support and tell them about the buyer. They will check his acount for how many times he has done so and is he really wants it for free OR the gig which you delivered was useless. It can be both way bro don’t worry, tell your issue to fiverr CS and they can get it solved.