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Really Five Dollars?

I’ve only bought one thing on Fiverr. After looking around forever for the music for a song I somehow stumbled on Fiverr and a guy who would transcribe it for me for $25. So I thought I must have got Fiverr wrong and that the concept was to bid on the job for MULTIPLES of five. He did a decent job of the transcription, though I don’t think it is perfect but I couldn’t do it myself and it enabled me to sing the song I’ve been wanting to sing for 20 years. He did a revision when I said I thought a couple of measures were not correct and agreed with me on one correction. All in all I thought it was okay as $5 would not cover this work. My question is, are there really jobs you can buy for $5? That has be be only a few minutes work to make any money.

Yes there are things for $5. They exact thing for $5 should be clearly defined in the gig description. On a $5 gig the seller gets $4. So they have gigs are configured where $4 it fair for the effort. I’ve have purchased lots of gigs for just $5. I have sold hundreds of gigs for just $5, and others have approached $1000. It depends on the gig.

I have also run into buyers who won’t do what their basic gig describes for $5. An example I had was “remove background from any image”. I had and image and several said it was too big. Gig didn’t have a limit, and it just a 50 megapixel photo. If the gig had said any image up to # megapixels, it would have been ok. but as written I felt they were not following the Fiverr theme. I did find someone who did an awesome job for $10, but that was clear by their description.

So yes, there are lots of real $5 gigs. And there are some sellers who don’t do anything for $5 (I know of quite a few). Keep looking and you will find the real Fiverrs, but make sure your project fits the gig for $5.