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Really frustrating experience

A buyer ordered my Basic package and then asked me to perform work associated with my Premium package. I explained that the work required couldn’t be performed and that the buyer would need to cancel and order the Premium, or accept less work. I tried to cancel three times and each time they declined and requested I complete all of the work - one time they offered a tip to make up the difference (something I’m not prepared to gamble on). The other two times they simply argued with me.

I contacted Fiverr Support and they repeatedly said I was in discussion with the buyer about providing more work (even though had they read the conversation, the seller was clearly just repeating the conversation over and over.)

Over the course of this, five days lapsed during which time my gig became very late. Then the buyer cancelled giving 1 star feedback because I was late!!!

I highlighted this to Fiverr and they’ve responded saying the buyer had every right to cancel because the work was late and that I couldn’t solicite the buyer to remove feedback because it’s against policy.

So annoyed! Not only was the buyer being totally unreasonable but Fiverr Support has been beyond useless in helping me. The only way to have avoided this situation was for me to provide Premium work for $5!

Has anyone else experienced this?


Not exactly a similar experience, but I had a buyer who wasn’t satisfied with the final delivery. I told him he had the right to revisions so I will modify and improve his work. He didn’t want any modifications, and he wasn’t satisfied either. I advised him politely that I was not prepared to deliver poor and unsatisafactory work. I understood that he was trying to trigger a cancellation indirectly so eventually I proposed that we cancel the order so that he gets a full refund and use the document anyway. I sent a 1st, 2nd and 3rd cancellation requests but he refused all of them insisting that he just wanted to “finish the transaction”. I then took screenshots of the conversation and asked CS to cancel the order for me. CS agreed to cancel the order, and I don’t know if they took any action agaisnt him. For me it seems a bit “malicious” when someone refuses a cancellation just so that he gets the chance to leave a negative feedback. I am not exactly sure how many times one can send a cancellation request, but in the case of an unkind buyer, I could send that request over and over again. I cannot for instance force a buyer to buy from me. Should a buyer force someone to work for him/her?.

Yes v similar in terms of the feedback issue. Honestly, I didn’t even realise cancelled clients could leave feedback, though I guess it makes sense in some cases. It’d definitely malicious to leave feedback when you’ve done everything you reasonably can to help as a seller. I went above board explaining the work this buyer was really asking for and probably helped them to get a better idea of their social media strategy in the process. Only to get a 1 star and no payment!!

I also don’t seem to be able to leave a response to the bad feedback, so I can at least explain the situation to others looking at my gig…?

Did you tell customer support you wanted to cancel the order since the buyer was not willing to pay your fee for what he wanted?

I can’t imagine customer support forcing you to continue on when you said you can’t do what he wanted for what he paid.

Definitely worth contacting CS again… if you clearly outlined they ordered incorrectly plus the buyer was demanding work that wasn’t covered by their order, you are definitely in the right. Sorry CS let you down and you’ve likely spent so much time on this already. Try to submit another ticket and hopefully another agent with fresh eyes will be reasonable.

Yes, I said it several times, to several different people. They’ve refused to cancel for me before so I wasn’t surprised, but it was annoying as I couldn’t seem to make myself understood. It was almost as though they weren’t reading what I was saying. Very robotic answers.

Yes I’ve wasted quite a lot of time, and for one bad review against 250 positive ones, I don’t know if I can be bothered to be honest… I’ve already spoken to three different agents about it! The last one just sent me their policy on asking buyers to change their feedback! So that pretty much shut down the conversation.