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Really getting sick of these negative reviews!

My gigs CLEARLY state “500 characters.” But lately I’ve been getting some really stupid customers that can’t tell the difference between 500 characters and 500 words, so they leave me a negative review.
Not only does my gig state it, but when the customer types in their requirements, it also states IN CAPITAL LETTERS, “you will receive a 500 characters.”
Some people so dumb it’s unreal. Like do you go to school? This is my 3rd negative review just for it because it’s “toooo shooort!!” I PLASTERED 500 CHARACTERS WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT UGH.

Fiverr can’t do anything because it’s “the customers right to leave their feedback.” But what if it clearly contradicts what my gig states! So stupid that I have to get crap reviews because some people can’t read.

Sorry for venting but I’m just so angry.


Recommendation: instead of blaming the customers, update your service so it’s extra clear that it’s NOT 500 words. The difference may be obvious to you, but that’s because you are selling the service. You need to explicitly state exactly what your service is and not expect customers to immediately understand. Best of luck on improved ratings!


Recommendation: instead of blaming the customers, update your service so it’s extra clear that it’s NOT 500 words. The difference may be obvious to you, but that’s because you are selling the service. You need to explicitly state exactly what your service is and not expect customers to immediately understand. Best of luck on improved ratings!

She has. When she says, “You will receive 500 characters,” they need to abide by that. It’s not her fault people have poor reading comprehension/retention/don’t read at all.

@psychicbunny, though it’s not your responsibility, you might consider clarifying the difference between 500 characters and 500 words (if you don’t already).

So sorry you’re dealing with this! I hate buyers who can’t read.


I doubt that it will make a difference… they will still expect 500 words :smiley:


I would be super frustrated with this scenario too! >:( Sorry you are struggling with a few recent orders.

I looked at your first gig, ‘I will telepathically read someones mind as your psychic’ and read through it as if I were a buyer. I read the description and then your bio, then immediately jumped down to packages and saw the difference (the two higher tiers involving implementing specific thoughts.) I looked and looked for the 500-character limit, and thought I had the wrong gig–but only then did I see it in the packages and also later found it in your FAQ!

What a mean to say is that while you certainly have a right to be frustrated with what is happening, as someone looking specifically for the phrases about character limits, I didn’t see them right away–in fact, I almost missed them. Had I not been looking for them specifically I might have missed it altogether.

I was much more drawn as a reader to a few parts in your gig description: your 50 readings a week, that you are highly rated, etc. These terms are bolded and/or highlighted and jump right out at me! Might I suggest if this is a communication struggle you have with several buyers, to include the 500-character limit somewhere in the gig description? Perhaps ‘500-character’ is bolded, but ‘character’ is both bolded and highlighted. Those made the other phrases jump right out to me!

Hoping you have fewer negative experiences.


I understand that it should be clear enough, but sometimes it’s just not. I don’t think that clarifying the difference could hurt, and it may positively impact reviews, but it is obviously your choice! If it’s clearly stated, it’s less likely that you will end up with upset customers, and you would be able to point back to two clarifications if they say it wasn’t clear. Just my opinion, still wish you best of luck!

I’d probably suggest going with a word count instead as it’s a problem for people to understand. Obviously it isn’t your fault but you could do something simple to take that problem away.


You need to remember that people don’t see what you write in your gig description. They see what they want to see.

I had an explainer video gig where I stated in no uncertain terms that I created the exact same video for people with their logo and brand message added. Pretty much every buyer who ordered wanted a custom video.

Even when I added a package to create a custom video, the same thing kept happening. In the end, I just deleted the gig as it wasn’t worth the hassle or stress every week. (And that was before we had monthly evaluations.)

If people are expecting 500-words, you are going to have to give them 500-words, or say how many words you will give them. Saying you offer 500-characters is also a bit odd THB. People just aren’t familiar with that terminology when it comes to receiving a written product. This is likely why you are having problems. .


I ran into a similar issue. You could change to 500 words or whatever word count you choose. But try using ‘word count’ to describe what the buyer is recieving. Test it. If it works better, then stick with it.

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I had a negative review this week too, I think a 1.7 star. It makes me mad as I use this extra money to cover vet bills for my cat. It wasn’t even legit, he was mad because he had to pay an extra “$30” for commercial rights. If he’d even bothered to read my gig in the first place, or even message me, I could have told him that was if he wanted to sell on Am or another publishing site, otherwise, rights were included. And it was $20 not $30. I don’t think it was a competitor, just an **hole. I wish Fiverr would back us up. So far, I’ve gotten a lot more orders, so I guess this negative isn’t affecting my work. But I’m still angry about it, even though he sent a message later and apologized.


I’m sorry, what did you say again? I couldn’t hear you over the BOLD LETTERS that CLEARLY STATE my gig is 500 characters.

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 6.12.21 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 6.12.17 PM


As @cyaxrex said, a fairly large portion of customers just don’t bother reading gig pages and you’ll always be faced with the age old “Cancel, Bend Over or Play Review Roulette” dilemma - It’s infuriating. I’ve tried to combat it with changing the titles of my packages several times.

Years back Fiverr’s feedback department called me on S kype and asked if I had any suggestions as they were trying out some new features (I think it was a prelude to the introduction of Packages).

One I proposed was a popup box that the seller could customise with a note.

When the customer was on the final step of placing the order, where they click the confirmation button to place the order, they would get an on-screen popup, bold and in-your-face, where the seller could summarise (with a custom note) what they are offering in the chosen package. Like an extra step the buyer needs to read.

I’ve had many instances where I absolutely know that if that existed, I’d have avoided any issues with the order.

Something like that, in this case, would no doubt help your issue as well as headaches for a massive amount of sellers. Alas, they clearly don’t think it’s a good idea as they never introduced it.


I feel your pain, i get customers like that also and even though it makes me mad as well i have learned to deal with them. Something that has worked for me is putting a big sentence on my gig that says Please contact me before placing any order. and then i get less people just ordering without contacting me, and that way i can ask them again and again if they read the requirements, if they understand the gig etc.

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I agreed with you. I too suffered from negative reviews and order cancellations. Even I’m giving clear communication about the task also.
Better move forward with a positive attitude is good for all.
All the best for all for success.

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Miss Bunny use words not characters. :smiley_cat:

Between 25 and 40 words or whatever. They don’t understand what characters mean.


That’s unlikely to get implemented. Add one extra step and you’ll use a bunch of buyers (not you personally, Fiverr as a whole), and Fiverr doesn’t want that.

It’s true that they don’t know what characters mean, but aren’t they going to hesitate and think something like: “What, just 40 words? That’s not enough!”

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You will have to be careful so that it does not happen again.

I don’t know how many words 550 characters is. She could not mention the length or say it would be at least six sentences long perhaps.

I read cards for my friends and it’s generally just a few brief sentences usually, or even just one sentence (you will get that promotion, for example) to give the picture of what will happen, so I don’t know how to make a reading into anything longer, personally.

I’m going to echo what others have said and suggest offering a word count instead of a character count. It will be loads easier for you and your clients.

Yes, you have it all in bold letters. We get that. But this obviously isn’t working for you, so why not change it? If you are just so set in your ways and adamant about keeping the wording, then maybe you should add in a question with a required answer when your buyers order. Something like, “Do you understand that this gig is for 500 characters and NOT 500 words?” With a follow-up asking them to explain what characters are. I highly discourage this, as it can be off-putting, but it’s an option if you’re stuck on keeping the “characters” wording.

It’s okay to adjust your gig to better suit your buyers. They are the ones bringing in the money, after all.


The average length of a word in regular discourse is 4.7 characters. That means a text of 550 characters would contain roughly 110-120 words.