Really got F-ed by this seller "fragglesrock - name removed"


She is one of the top seller and so I messaged her about what I wanted. She said she would do a custom project for $25, which would include 5-7 variations of a logo, 24 hour turn around time and 2-3 3D variations.

I pretty much knew what I wanted. So I gave her exact direction of what inspired my design, I gave her a copy of what I had come up with using a paint version of mac, but the picture was too small.

She ends up not reading my directions, giving me 5 variations with 1 3D logo which was nothing related to my logo that I asked for. I had a chance to tweak the logo that were not related to my logo. I told her the issue. She gives me a new logo, with 1 3D logo and now it looks something close to what I wanted. I asked her to give me 5 variations of this logo and she pretty much refuses. She says she has done her job. I told her that I asked for “oranges” and she gave me “apples”. In the next message she sends me 3 variations of these fruits. I didn’t want to give her a bad rating and wanted to work with her but when you start joking at a serious complaint, thats just poor way to handle customers. She then says that she is disappointed in me and how reacted, and has stopped all conversations.

Anybody have a recommendation for an amazing logo creator?

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The user ended up refunding my $. So at least thats a bit better.