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Really in need of your help!

Hey there, guys.

So I’ve actually been a level 1 seller since around May now and I was really excited when I attained it but it turns out that since then, I’ve been getting little to no orders. I’ve tried the buyers request section and I keep on trying but it’s not yielded anything so far, although I’ll keep trying. Even the traffic I used to get on my gigs has depleted a lot and it seems like it all started when the stats went wonkers and weren’t showing for months. But I’ll really, really appreciate it if you could just check out my gigs and tell me if there’s anything wrong with them in any way. I’ll also welcome your criticism too as long as it helps me improve.

Thanks in anticipation!


Gig: I will create you copywriting content that persuades and rewrite your content

I’m not sure if it would be better with a slightly reworded title.
In the package descriptions, the standard and premium ones start with a capital letter but the basic one doesn’t.

Maybe try different prices/number of words included in the packages. eg. the basic package is $10 for 300 words but the standard package costs 2.5x as much but you offers 1.67x the amount of words (eg. maybe offer more words in the standard package or reduce the price a bit).

None of the gigs have an FAQ. Maybe adding one might help. eg. you could say what document format(s) you deliver in. But keep sending offers to buyer requests you can do well. Maybe try adding an additional gig if you aren’t getting orders.


Thank you so much for your feedback. I’ll take all of that into consideration and see what difference it makes. :slight_smile:

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Your Fiverr username is Norman but you call yourself Emmanual. Some people might think this is a bit strange.

Your prices are very cheap. You’re offering to proofread 20,000 words with feedback for $20. That’s extraordinary. Most sellers, including myself would charge at least 10x the amount - $200. Perhaps some people think you are too cheap?


Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile: For the name though, I don’t think it’s ever been a problem or could hinder sales but if you’ve seen this to be strange, others might think the same too so I might have to look into that. For the prices, I honestly didn’t always charge that low but since sales weren’t coming in, I thought going cheaper might just make things a bit better. Although as a level 1 seller, I truly shouldn’t be going that cheap. I guess I might have been wrong there too and might also tweak things. I just wanted to gain some momentum before charging even up to what you stated you would charge but I’ll raise it a bit so it doesn’t appear too cheap and too good to be true. Any other area you think I might have to work on?


If your Fiverr name was EnglishEditor or FastProofreader (Mods, these are examples and not based on any Fiverr seller!), then I wouldn’t have thought twice about your names. But yes, I do find it slightly strange that you claim two different names! It’s not a deal breaker - it’s just another small part of the jigsaw that you are piecing together.


Have you read this thread yet?


Thank you so much for referring me to that write up. I guess I’m not the only one who’s experiencing this hell after all. :sweat_smile: I would just have to be consistent with my promotions, replying buyers requests, and making changes where needed in my gigs and profile. Thank you so much once again for sharing this with me. :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch though. :slight_smile: My name is actually Emmanuel but I actually got the username “Norman” from mixing my name and surname. It so happens that Norman is typically someone’s name though but I understand the confusion you or other people might face with that. I guess it’s best to just leave out my name in my description to prevent confusions. I actually left it as my username too because it’s a pretty cool name in reality, although I got it from a mix of my name and surname. :slight_smile:

Having a totally different name in your description is likely to put many buyers off.

This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

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I understand that now and I’ll definitely make changes there. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for referring me to this write up too. :slight_smile: I’ve learnt a lot from that too and would just need to exercise more patience as I look into working on different angles to get back on track.

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