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Really it sucks what's happening on Fiverr? Please any response from Fiverr Community!

22 May 2015 i started a new gig : it’s course about making more 2.000$ per month on youtube,it’s only for 5$ and exclusive on Fiverr,i got only 1 sale it’s that normal???It sucks a lot i am working hard to make it for fiverr’s buyers but i got nothing?Please Explain it to me what’s this phenom ?

Reply to @ahmedbettaieb: If you really want to share your experience, why don’t you give away your ‘method’ for free? That could be like a sample that proves it works which may lead to actual sales.

Or, you can do as @fonthaunt suggests and look for an easier platform to sell on. Fiverr’s never quick and easy.

Reply to @sincere18: Thanks, it’s a good point, but there are plenty of Fiverr sellers making a reasonable income selling money-making-magic schemes. There’s a sucker born every minute. :wink:

You’ve only been on Fiverr a few days and you already got a sale? That’s great! It takes time for new accounts to get traction and new gigs to be indexed in search. If you already have a sale as a brand-new seller you are ahead of the game. I’m sure you are working hard but 5/22-5/27 is barely a scratch on the surface. I have no idea what you would be upset about.

I am upset because in just 2 days i got 4 sales on my different gigs but now i didn’t receive any sale!That’s make me upset

Your expectations are off.

What are you doing to market your gig(s)?

The mentality that if you post it… buyers will automatically come… is a bad business strategy. Those of us that are successful on Fiverr did not do it over night.

Lol,come on !by the way it seems that you are an internet marketer then you think that i promote my gigs,i am asking for helps bro :slight_smile: not to promote my gig also i am in “Tips for sellers” not for "buyers"

My regards, :slight_smile:

Reply to @ahmedbettaieb: You’re saying “I got nothing” but you have no way of gauging that yet. If in 6 months you say you got nothing, then I’ll believe you, but right now it’s too soon to tell. Fiverr prioritizes sellers with lots of sales and good reviews, so you’re still at the bottom of the pile. It took me months to get to level 1 (10 sales), but once I did, I started getting orders every day. And then when I hit level 2 (50 sales), I started to get more than I could handle. Fiverr’s system basically makes you prove yourself when you’re new, so just give it a little time.

Also, you may not be aware of this, but Monday was a holiday in the US, and many of the Fiverr users are American. So if you posted on Friday, I would bet most people had already checked out and didn’t even get back on until yesterday.

Reply to @evpassino: Thank you i appreciate it really thanks for help :slight_smile:

Consider this:

Supply and demand, the sales you get depends on how many people are searching for what you’re selling. Not everything I offer sells well, yesterday I got 3 sales, today 6, last week 24 in one day, but that was an exceptional day. Sometimes even if you’re in the first 3 rows, you still might not get the sales you should be getting.

So what’s the solution

Reply to @fastcopywriter: So what’s the solution?

Reply to @ahmedbettaieb: Patience. Marketing your gigs. Impressing your buyers. Building up your reputation. There is no secret easy button. If you want to learn more about the real solution, go back and read many answers that have been posted on the forums over time, read the Fiverr blog, and read the help page for sellers.

Since you already make 2K a month on YouTube you can always spend some of that money on paid advertising for your Fiverr gigs. It is possible that could hurry things along. With that much YouTube traffic alone you should also be able to push lots of viewers toward your Fiverr page. I’m not sure what else you are looking for since the answers are already here and you have money already for marketing.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Can i pay to advertise my gig ?

Reply to @ahmedbettaieb: The solution is to create more gigs and/or to modify the gigs you have. You can change the gig title, gig description, you can compete on time (offer to do it in 3-days), you can add more services, maybe add a gig video or pay someone to make one for you, you can see if your tags are working.

Sometimes it helps if you think like a buyer. I check out my competitors all the time, sometimes I’m shocked by what I see, by what they do, and I ask myself if I should follow them or not. There’s a limited number of gig extras one can offer, and buyers don’t have endless attention spans. Overwhelm your buyers with too much information, and you hurt yourself.

Fiverr requires a lot of tweaking until you find what works best. Of course, you don’t have to change everything every day, but maybe once a week.

For example, this gig:

I will produce 2 min animated commercial video for $5

Can become

"I will produce a 2 min animated commercial in 24 hours for $5"

Once you start getting reviews, change “24 hours” to “3 days.” And make sure you deliver in the time promised. Good luck.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: in two words you are my hero !

Reply to @ahmedbettaieb: You’re too kind. Good luck with everything. :slight_smile:

Reply to @ahmedbettaieb: There are many ways to advertise your gigs, some free and some paid. Many people create a website and use it to direct traffic back to Fiverr. A website can give more information about you, your experience, your Fiverr rates, etc. You can hyperlink from that site to your whole Fiverr profile and to individual gigs.

You can then use free and/or paid advertising via social media, google, PPC, blogs and so on which gives you a way to track and analyze results. Monitor traffic to your website and see which methods work best to get sales on Fiverr. Fine tune your marketing based on that. You can find more Fiverr marketing ideas in the forums, Facebook groups, and e-books.

By the way, it definitely isn’t a necessity to use paid ads (yet) and many sellers never do, but for fast-tracking it can be done. Not every method works for everone so of course there are risks.

It’s also possible that potential buyers might not believe that you actually know how to make 2k per month on YouTube. Why would you be selling $5 stuff on Fiverr if you have that kind of revenue stream?

I see you now have two orders in queue, so, no problems. :slight_smile: