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Really love Star review system

Hi friend,

Just now saw the star review system.It’s a good concept. Thumbs up FIVERR.

I highly dislike this new system. The risk for abuse and misuse is too high. Was this something buyers were asking for? I ask because I spend most of my time on the Seller forum, and I know we weren’t asking for it.

No joke, I’m worried about my finances because of buyers misusing this system and costing me sales. I don’t think I’m the only one. I personally think we should collectively, as sellers, ask Fiverr to change it back.

that tell Level One Seller .


Terrible from what I have seen so far. If people have ONE LITTLE PROBLEM with you slaving away for them for an hour on a difficult gig for $4-fees, they give you a 4 star or 4.5 star and it just HURTS a little. Grr.

Good luck

How is this a good concept? You are more likely to have a poorer rating now.

But everybody is, so the playing field is level.

Reply to @mjakkerman: how do you figure it’s a level playing field… Buyers can now rate sellers on their response and delivery - and, if you’re like me, you’re going to get screwed. My delivery time for one gig is 29 days because most of my orders are bulk. If a buyer wants to be a butt and wants my service, they can dock me on delivery time, even though they had the option to go to another seller to have it done in a shortened time frame OR pay to have it quicker.

So, tell me again, how this levels the playing field… IT DOESN’T!

Reply to @mjakkerman:

Not true…you could give the buyer a thumbs up before, right? But did it mean anything? No. Same thing with new rating system. You can rate the buyer, but it doesn’t mean anything. It has no effect on buyer but the new rating system does have an effect on the seller. So how is that even?

That screenshot says a lot. Response time could now be interpreted as extra fast delivery. If you have a lot in queue that means you will surely rate low.

mystic_insight said: I really hope you're joking.

Quite the opposite.

This maybe a good thing for those who are starting out but for us who tried hard to maintain the 100% positive, going out of our way to make sure the buyer is satisfied this really is a bit of a letdown… I hope this plays out for the better though :slight_smile:

It’s too much for what should be a very simple process.

After 50+ years in business, I never make a customer (when reviewing a product or service) choose from a preset, predetermined list. Let the Buyer say it in THEIR OWN words. Buyers can say it better than you or I ever could.

Buyers should not be forced to give a review by choosing from some list of made up responses.

And for the large percentage of Buyers that don’t like to or don’t want to give a review, the simple Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down is adequate. One click and they’re done!

Reply to @voiceoverwork:

I believe mystic_insight was commenting on the original poster of this thread. Not your comment.

steveeyes said: I believe mystic_insight was commenting on the original poster of this thread. Not your comment.

Thanks! Wasn't sure. But want to be clear.

So does this mean you can’t give thumbs up or down anymore? As opposed to giving a thumbs down, you instead give 1 stars?

a 1 star or a 2 star or a 3 star. all bad.

Another downfall of this new system: not everyone knows how to use the star system! While is sounds easy enough (5 stars good, 1 star bad), not everyone rates equal. A “5 star” service to you may be a “4 star” service to me. And that one star loss is crucial. The up/down rating is best for everyone involved - it quickly tells buyers the overall experience, and is easy for everyone to use!

wauw what a VIP treatment and an oppinion manue to choose from for buyers for a 5$ product.

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