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Really new to Fiverr and need to understand some issues

Hello guys,

I´m really new to Fiverr and hope you can help me with some questions I have. Here we go:

  • Is there a Fiverr e-mail or chat that I could use in case I need to speak with someone from Fiverr?

  • I see that many people have many images on their Gig but I can only upload 3 images. Why is that?

  • I got my first message from a client yesterday but I noticed that I didn`t get any notification on my e-mail. If I didnt acess Fiverr I would not know that I got a message. Is it possible to set notifications on my e-mail when geting a message on Fiverr?

  • I haven`t linked my bank account to Fiverr yet. How to do it? Do I need to have a paypal account?

Thanks a lot guys and, if there´s any other tip you think I should know, please let me know.

Thaaaanks! :slight_smile:


Read the terms of service - link right there at the bottom of the main Fiverr page - then all the help files available by clicking on the link also at the bottom of the main Fiverr page.

If you’re not willing to do the most basic research for yourself you will not succeed here.

  1. There should be a “?” mark button on the bottom-right that brings up the FAQ and self-help section for any queries you might have. Or you can find the Help & Support section at the bottom of the page, and send them a mail for any issues.
  2. You can only upload 3 images, this is the same for everyone. The extra images you see are the pages of a PDF file that they might have uploaded.
  3. Go to Settings-> Notifications, and set mail notifications on. Also, you can download the Fiverr app for instant notifications on your phone.
  4. Go to Settings-> Billing Information, and set up your bank account or your PayPal address. You can withdraw through either of those options.

I did the research mate. You dont need to be that rude.

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Thanks a lot mate! I really appreciate that you took your time to write it! :slight_smile:


Clearly not,since you asked the most basic questions, all the answers to which are easily found on the pages you were directed to.

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A) this is a public forurm. I will post whenever I deem it appropriate, B) using the outstanding grammar and punctuation I learned as a seventeen year old.

Suggest (again!) that in future you do your own research


he wasnt rude at all just told you what you have to do there is full of people around here asking the same questions over and over again , i am new too but before even signing up to this community i informed myself and educated myself 99% of the things i should know about this platform .
THE SAD thing is that there are people here who have completed 5-10-20 orders and still have no ideea what they are doing


A person can say something in a friendly way or in a rude way. I understand what you mean as I´m part of other forums too. I´m not a nooby or a kid, I have 10 years of a solid career and it is not because I´m new to this forum that you think you can treat me like a kid. I´m not saying anything about what he said but the way he said. And yea, it was rude. If I´m asking it here it is because I´ve looked for it and haven`t found it. You guys should really learn some manners.

now you said : "you guys "
do you suggest I was rude too ?
What is wrong with you ?
I think ive been saying what I said in a “frendly” way


I didn`t mean specifically you. Sorry. :slight_smile:

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Yes, there is a tab called Messages.

When you deliver, if the buyer allows, Fiverr will upload automatically your delivery to your portfolio.

Yes, the email you set your account up with should have those notifications. But you should still log onto Fiverr.

You can withdrawal through either PayPal or Payoneer.

But despite this, you’ve been very rude.

The forum won’t be here to help if you behave like that.

And I don’t see how @coerdelion was rude at all. You’re saying it’s “how he said it” but words on a screen have no tone to them! How can you tell his intentions?


I am new too. Really glad that you got your first order just.

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I would also recommend downloading the Fiverr app and turning on notifications to be instantly notified of messages.

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Thank you for the info. I really appreciate it.

About @coerdelion, I overreacted to it and I apologize. Sorry mate.

Mabe it could be a cultural issue or maybe a language issue but, what he wrote, for me sounded like: If you keep lazy like that and dont do even a basic research, you will not succed. Before posting here I did research. Some infos I was abble to find and some I was not. I´m new to this platform and I´m still geting lost sometimes.So of course I got up set of be called a lazy person. I´m part of other forums and when some new person asks questions that were already answered, what I do is to point the person to the thread he is looking for instead of calling he a lazy person. Anyways, sorry guys. I didnt mean to offend anyone and probably it was just a misunderstanding. And thanks for all the infos.