Really odd customers lately


I’ve been getting some really odd and irritating customers lately. I’m a very nice person but when you have to block 5 people a day who keep asking you for free services and how I’m “able to predict the future, there’s none such thing. try me and maybe ill give you a chance” then there’s obviously a problem.
Anyone know of any shifts in Fiverr advertising lately? I’ve never blocked this many people at once in my entire life.


Yes. I noticed it too. One after the next. These are not customers. They send messages that are unlike any before.


Exactly! It’s not normal. it’s irritating because I’m FORCED to respond to them.


It’s a complete change from the way it’s always been.

I can imagine how it must be for those who tell the future, based on some who assume I do that too and say things like “give me a sample of what’s going on in my ex’s life to show me you’re real” and I say I don’t even do that.


I’ve also noticed this trend, specifically in regards to the psychic niche. Really personal, weird questions, people who want to prove you wrong, people who want things for free. Maybe there was a popular psychic on TV that has people thinking about it? I don’t know.


There are long drawn out tales of hardships playing for sympathy so I will give a discount. I never had this before. These are never actual purchasers of my gigs.


Exactly. It’s really annoying and I feel like most of them are lying to get free stuff.


I just had another one! Trying for a free reading of a picture of someone. :roll_eyes:


Yeah this really needs to stop, I don’t know where all this is coming from. I hope one of those new Psychics isn’t posting in some garbage website or forum attracting these kind of people. Very rude. It’s like going to a grocery store and asking to buy groceries but pay next week. That’s not how life works.


I’ve noticed the same. There is a distinct shift in the type of buyers that I am coming in contact with. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who has noticed this.


You too? I hope Fiverr sees this and starts seeing where this is coming from. This is definetly something recent in the past week or two.


I get several every night trying for free readings of various kinds when I don’t even have a gig for that type of work. Or these really long ridiculous stories of terrible hardships that end with wishing they could afford my gigs but the welfare they are on won’t be enough since they haven’t eaten lately etc. and just got out of the hospital.


I had that SAME lady approaching me. When I blocked her she made a NEW account and continued to harass me. It’s all lies.


I asked one where they found me but got no answer.


Delete this thank you


Some hardships were mentioned.


Delete this thank you


No one mentions serious medical conditions usually.


Delete this thank you


Okay, even I know liver transplants are rare. Ha! Yes, I’m having wacky people contact me. I’m a writer and have been asked to create videos or voice overs. Um what? 4 years ago buyers actually read my gigs and they never tried to scam me. Now, it’s insane. My main gig is locked up. I have alternate income now, but do work on big projects for my best client. If she disappears, I’m out of here.