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Really? Penny Pinching Buyers WTH do they Expect?


My fault. I should have known better. I RARELY give away samples. However, late last evening a buyer started messaging me asking if they could see samples of a certain type of video I make. I obliged because they said that they were looking for at least 3 videos every few days and they seemed like the real deal.

19 messages later, I’ve told the buyer that if they order consistently, I will provide them with 1-day delivery, scene color changes, full branding, and customizations. Also, right at the start, I quoted $15 for each (extremely reasonable for God knows how many heavily customized product and service promotion videos).

Now the last message is pinging like a nightmare, as this TIME WASTING FOOL says, “I’m really excited! Can you send me the first custom offer for $15 for the first 3 videos?”

I’m sorry. What? At what point could you possibly think that someone would create you a custom promo video (and be happy for the opportunity to do so) for $5?

Of course, I didn’t say this. I was very polite as I spat obscenities silently at my laptop while typing to say that it would be $15 per video, not per 3 videos.

“Too high! Thank you for wasting my time!”

Yes. You have a right to be angry for me wasting your time…

Thankfully, this person probably isn’t going away as angry as he would be if we had just been in the same room together for the past 6 hours and I’d just pushed him out the window.

More importantly, though, how on Earth can you actually call my prices too high!

What is wrong with these people? It’s like they slip into this reality from an alternate universe where US dollars can be exchanged freely for gold-plated unicorns. Go away. Stop assuming that everyone else not in the US cries tears of joy at the idea of owning some of your currency. IT’S HARDLY WORTH ANYTHING FOR GOD SAKE!


People, there is no “free” in freelance…


Or actual lances. - Getting a free lance when you reach level 2 on Fiverr would be pretty cool though.


The ones who get into such long discussions are like this sometimes. And the ones who try to make you think its going to be a long profitable relationship want something for nothing. If I tell them anything over $5 they are shocked.


This happens to me every other day so now it doesn’t bother me anymore. The service I offer costs roughly 30-35$$ per hour in US and I charge 15$ per hour of work here as doing what I do is just a hobby for me and not a primary source of income.

Working here for quite sometime now, I’ve realized some people want professional work but don’t want to pay for it. With time you learn to deal with such buyers.


What I get a lot is people ordering the cheapest gig and then sending in a much longer text to translate (or an outline… which is longer than what they had requested for. I always try to be nice and say “okay, this and this I can do” but when I have a lot piled up it really just causes chaos. But I’m sure that the buyer new very well what you meant… sounds like a trick to me.
Not everyone would be like ‘oh, sorry , but…’


free samples should be mandatory when selling on fiverr tbh