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Really?!? Simple Web Design is eluding Fiverr developers

Ok, I’m a web guy and I know that this is probably going to sound petty to some of you but opening a new tab/window when I click on an order in my ToDo page (or inbox or other) is ridiculous. This is basic web design 101, if you’re sending a user away from your site, you use the target="_blank" attribute to open the link in a new window so your site stays open. If they are staying on your site YOU OPEN IT IN THE SAME WINDOW !!!

Geeze, this is ridiculous. It may not sound like a lot but I handle a great deal of communication with my buyers and am constantly in that page and the inbox and am tired of closing down tabs that never should have been opened in the first place whenever I have to respond to communication.

If you guys at Fiverr want to develop this new rating system that everyone including myself dislikes, you should at least wait until you fix the problems with the site/application itself, like phantom “ToDo tasks” like unread mail messages that you’ve already read and when you click on it, it opens in a new tab (go figure!) and says "nothing new here"

In the iPhone mobile app, I was offered the option to pinch and use the more compact view, ok great I gave it a try, and it doesn’t appear to be reversible, so my eyes which are already poor due to getting older have to be stuck with the smaller design on the app when I really just wanted to try it and maybe use it when I want to peruse more ads than normal without looking too closely at them. These aren’t really big issues but it shows me that you guys aren’t caring about the little things that you should be, like quality of the site/app and it’s operation and focusing on this other stuff which is potentially driving people away from the business.

*Climbs down off soap box now

Thanks for the vent

Yes, it’s truly annoying. Pin a Tab locked on, click on a task…new Tab opens … continue working in the new Tab…finish working in that Tab…close it…get returned to the pinned Tab…find that nothing in your account has been updated including the tasks in your unchanged To Do list…refresh Tab.

Let’s not forget their obsession with mouseovers. Why do they feel the need to hide important functions like a delete button?

Do they even have a bug section? Or a forum directly related to problems with the site?