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Really strange message

My username… I need, this, that, this that…

Long story short.

Tell me what you need and tell me exactly what I get for the purchase.
Send me a quote asap while I have the money

Really, it sounds like a scammer right away. Seriously, who says "Send me a quote while I have the moenyz". If it were me, I would never say such a thing to a seller.


Just reply them, the next you hear they want to talk outside the site.
And trying to send you a check.
My advice report as spam

I politely said:

I do not provide services, that are connected to business like yours.



Just report as spam…

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I think he is trying to say, send him the quote while he has money in his Fiverr account. Maybe, some other seller rejected his order and the money is/was stuck in his Fiverr account.

I don’t believe, that is the cause. The moneyz don’t expire from your balance.

How old is his Fiverr account?

Blah! I think you did the right thing. Reading that line just reeks a messy hassle.
Luckily, you avoided a painful headache. :face_with_head_bandage: :wink:

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Sorry for late reply. I just wanted to comment what happened to me a couple of months ago.

This new “buyer” came at me all like “darling, I’m a manager at a big company and I’ve $3,000 for graphic design and you’ve been selected, blah blah…” so she sends me a link saying I have to log in using my Fiverr username and pass in order to access their platform and a bunch of nonsense…

Bottom line: don’t fall for scammers, especially those asking you to follow links. Basic stuff.


they have approached me before, saying they gonna be sending me to check but I told them I am not accepting payment outside Fiverr. To much scammers over here

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Yeah, plus the English was below basic, even the dears speak better.

I wanted to share this message with everyone, it’s the spammiest one that I have got in a long time.

Correction, it was from 2011.

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hahaha I would fall for her…

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