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Really? What's wrong with the buyer request?


Before my buyer request used to be many pages, like at least 200 different requests per day…but now it has been very long since there is just a few per day ( 3-4 request per day) . and what’s more is that for each request shown, there are around 200 people apply for the same job… I mean this is not right, its not going to help seller to landing their customer. and it is too much for the buyer to choose a good one, and it is not good for fiverr to earn money either. I am wondering if the Fiverr is going down on their business a bit? or it is just strange thing happened on my side?


Holy cow! Can you imagine how it would be to look through 800+ offers? :confused:


I know… ridiculous…


This feels broken to me. I couldn’t imagine sifting through 800+ offers.


I think it’s another nasty :beetle: bug. I ventured into BR just to see this madness. Whenever I deleted requests they magically reappeared. So, that’s why we’re seeing so many takers LOLz. :smile:



unfair with new sellers:disappointed_relieved:


Haha! I have been watching those numbers grow for the past 2 days. :laughing:

Although I feel sorry for the new sellers spending their offers on them.

Most probably a bug.


I really hope it is a bug, but they have this kind of bug very often. so it makes me think maybe new buyers dont like to go on fiverr anymore… so the number just stay like that…