Ok, I’m not sure this is the right place for this, it’s not technically a rant, but I just want to address something that gets under my skin.

I do a lot of research on competitors in the creative writing category, I look at the ones offering a “short story” service to make sure that my prices are appealing to the buyers. That being said I notice many of the other authors charge for the copyrights to the story they write. Is that even ethical? I mean, I understand it’s “only five dollars” but, these people choose what they’re willing to sell for $5. Why would someone pay the extra money to use what they purchased, for whatever reason they purchased it. I know if I go to burger king and get two whoppers for $5 I’m not going to pay an extra $5 for the right to eat it. I understand it’s not my business to worry about other people’s strategy, or marketing or any of that. I’m just curious if I’m the only one that finds that particular practice to be a bit ridiculous.


I know a lot of writers hate giving up ownership of their writing. I don’t charge for copyright, but sometimes it is difficult to find an article I wrote with someone else’s byline, considering the time I put into it and how little (relatively) I got paid. But hey, they did pay for it.

I don’t think it’s totally ridiculous, and it’s actually fairly common here, voice over artists will include an audio watermark, video makers–a visual one, which costs extra to be removed. Eventually buyers find their way to the sellers that don’t charge extra for copyrights (like yourself).


Thank you both for your responses. I didn’t realize it was so common.