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FIVERR… Don’t do it!

I should have known this was too good to be true. I ordered an updated template and editing for my resume and a new cover letter for $35 on a Thursday. Not sure how $5 turned into $35 but I went for it. It said 1+ days which to me means a couple of days… not eight days. So when I figured that out I ordered the expedited service for another $25 which was for a three day turnaround. Apparently it didn’t work the first time so I did it again the next day on Friday. The seller acknowledged the expedited order in messages with me and I expected my resume by Monday. Then suddenly I’m getting some messages from her saying “nudge” “activate”. I kept saying what does that mean… I don’t understand. This is AFTER my work was due back to me. She kept saying I can’t do your order until you activate it. I have no idea what she was talking about and saw that the orders where both “in progress” but apparently they weren’t. So now here I am the day AFTER I promised my resume to three potential jobs with no resume back and having to do it on my own. Not only that Fiverr is apparently holding my $65 hostage. You bet I will be disputing these charges with my credit card company if they don’t refund my money immediately. Also, trying to figure out how to rate the seller and give a complaint on her rating and can’t seem to figure that out… not surprised. Will never ever use this service again and will make sure to tell all friends not to either. Total scam!

I have no idea what I had to do to “activate” and I asked over and over how to do it. I did the same exact thing as I did with my first order that I did with the expedited order. And my credit card was charged for both orders. I was told on Friday all was good from the seller and I would have it sooner than the three days… then suddenly after it’s due I’m told to activate? This was my first time using the site and I can’t be faulted for not knowing and especially when I was told in a message from the seller she had it and “all was good”. You are all apparently sellers… good for you for judging… this was MY experience and it was not a pleasant one and I did not get what I paid for PERIOD.

There are always 2 parts to an order with any seller. You place an order which puts your funds into a sort of escrow with Fiverr. Then you complete the seller’s instructions which activates the gig. The clock doesn’t start until you do that part.

It sounds like you ordered more than once without ever activating the gigs. The seller cannot start on the order and does not ever get paid, so it isn’t their fault and you can’t rate them. You can either activate the gigs, get your work done and rate the seller appropriately or you can cancel the gigs and get a refund. Either way, from what you describe the seller did nothing wrong.


You need to activate the order!!!

This is why sellers need a blacklist function. You want to give a seller a negative feedback for something that is your fault? Unbelievable.

Well since you didn’t activate the order your seller never got paid either. Just because you don’t know how to use Fiverr doesn’t mean you should be mad at the seller. You didn’t submit the instructions on the order page. From the seller’s perspective the order sits as incomplete, the timer doesn’t start, it doesn’t show up on the “To Do” list, and there is no way to deliver the gig on the order page.

You paid Fiverr, but since the gig was never started the seller had nothing to do. She send you nudges which is what Fiverr built into the platform for sellers to use to notify buyers that the necessary steps were not taken for the order to start.

I don’t like that you had a bad experience on Fiverr, but at the same time I feel like your attitude toward the seller is ridiculous.

What was she supposed to do? Fulfill the order and send it to your inbox and never get paid? Because unless you activate a gig, she would never see a penny of that money. It would sit there forever as “incomplete” and she could never withdraw it.

Does that seem fair to you?

You ordered the gig. It was your responsibility to ensure that you did everything on your end. The seller is not responsible for your gig until that timer starts counting down and in your case that never happened. That’s just the way the system works.

You can send all the instructions and communication you want into the inbox, but unless you also fill out the gig instructions on the order page so that the gig actually gets activated I don’t see how you can expect the seller to do anything.

Imagine what it was like from her perspective. She has a buyer that sends a ton of instructions to the inbox then orders the gig but never starts it. The time is ticking down but she has other orders to take care of. Ones that are actually activate.

Your deadline is getting closer and she remembers your order (even though she cannot even see it in the To Do list). She takes time away from her active orders to send you notifications and alert you that your gig has not even started yet. You still don’t activate the gig.

What was she supposed to do?