Had a sale reversed/cancelled by buyer today (17 Feb) that was completed on 1 Dec. No emails from buyer as to why. Was delivered on time and buyer was happy. Now some 10 weeks later he wants to cancel? Ok it’s only $4 bucks but if this is Fiverr policy I will have to decide if I want to continue my account. I’m all for buyer protection but after 10 weeks then a cancellation, I think the seller protection should kick in!


I thought it said in the TOS that refunds could only be made up to 13 days after the order was completed. Can buyers still ask for a cancellation beyond 13 days? Or did he do a chargeback?


i didn;t respond to something i ordered for 3 days

  • and; it got closed as completed…

    seller NEVER provided anything,

    but they did extract our passcodes for our blog; etc

    and; i paid them about $22.00

    i can;t even figure out where to complain

    this was like 2 months ago

    should i also be out my money ???


and, to this system i am a ‘green sheep’ (who ever picked that symbol???) do they realize how insulting it is ?


Reply to @the13thbridge: what’s so bad about that ?


did you contact the support ? A reply would be helpful for every seller since this is weird.


Reply to @the13thbridge: Maybe it is a sheep after all…


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mrproofreading said: It's actually a green cow.
No, it's a sheep.

kay2809 said: what's so bad about that ?
Well the insult may be interpreted as: You have no identity, You are merely a part of the flock.


Reply to @ricksper: It looks suspiciously cow-like. :open_mouth:


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Reply to @the13thbridge: If being referred to as a sheep on a website of this size is insulting to you, well, my friend, you have been very lucky. :wink: