Reaponse rate - problem or what?


For the third month in a row, response rate is something that is f*cking my level. Please fix this annoyance. I’m answering to every message and i can’t make response rate go higher than 87%. I’m 100% sure that this feature is buggy, but i’m also sure that you won’t admit it.


I always let customer support know if my response rate drops for any reason. Sometimes I have overlooked a message and not answered it, so if this has been a problem for you, have customer support take a look at it for you next time it drops for no reason. They can probably let you know why this keeps happening.


Well, it’s not dropping for no reason, like in your case, it’s stuck at 86% for months and customer support is ignoring every ticket.


I had the same problem… on mobile the information is misleading. Plus by ticket you dont get too correct information. Just after reading this page: I understood that you need to reply in 24h. Orelse it will be marked as non-response.

And I was even replying on 24h (I though) but there was some problems with the app and I dont receive all the notifications, and therefor some of them got forgotten. Since I receive a lot of replies in the same day, without notification working at 100%, it will drop the %. And its not too much fair because, if in the last 60 days you received let sat 20 replies, and you forgot to reply 3 of them, then you’ll have 85%.
So you’ll need to receive at least more 10 replies to get back to 90%. So yeah, if you’ve not many replies it will be very hard to change… Good luck with that!