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Reappearance of old buyer request

Hi Fiverr community,
After a F5 key to refresh the buyer request flow, I’m surprised to see a very old one, from february 2020 in the middle of request of 9 july.
Why does old and ended request reappear in the active flow ?

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Maybe Some bug from fiverr’s end…or you might have found the ultimate secret key to get unlimited buyer request

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Buyer requests stay there forever unless you delete them. I delete the ones I do not want to apply for every day or so.


Sorry, this one is not here 1 a few minute before.
I make a F5 refresh on my desktop browser and this request appear in third position.
The request from 16 february appear in the middle of request of the 9 july.
If it was an old one, it appear there is a problem while sorting the flow of requests.

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