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Reason behind fiverr gigs denied

My two Fiverr gigs are denied.
reason don’t know

Gigs are related to increasing facebook fan pages.
Question is: Is Fiverr does not allow to make gig related to facebook page likes? If yes then why there are so many gigs related to the same.

What to do now? Help…

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What was in the email that they sent to you?
They do give a reason for denying the gig.

Yes, They told me because of Third Party TOS violation, Suspicion of fraud or spam.

But I didn’t get where I am doing this?

Facebook, most likely, does not allow to sell/purchase likes.


Just because you know people who sell drugs, it doesn’t mean it’s allowed. Sooner than later, they will all be caught and imprisoned.

Read the ToS to know the services that are allowed/not allowed on Fiverr. Do not source your information from the gigs you see on Fiverr.


Thanks to clear my doubt.

Thanks for your helpful reply.

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