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Reason behind gig de rank if everything is okay?

Hello everyone i am saazy 911 recently i promoted to seller level 2 few days ago.
and my gig used to rank on 1st page i have 5 star rating on time delivery 99 percent response rate , i have delivered back to back orders but suddenly my gig de rank and disappear from search list its not showing anywhere .
Please help me and guide me what i have to do.


Same is happening with me. 5 star ratings and reviews. Everything is 100 % and yesterday all my gigs disappeared from 1st page to out of search! What could be the reason?! My impressions and clicks have also gone down drastically!

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usally that happns when u edit gig/ upload new images/ new tags.
it will be fine after some days

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brother is your problem resolved are you getting orders now

okay thanks for your feedback any thing else can i do with my gig like price decrease or something any suggestion to get back on search to get orders

Never edit ranked Gig…

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not even getting messages since last week.

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Same bro i don’t know when we will get orders and back every thing to normal

Yes brother i think that’s why i am facing problems now so will it be back to normal or how many day i have to wait for get things back to normal

don’t worry bro i think it’s rotating system of fiverr … if you did’t do any mistake it will be there and you will get order… if u want u can open a ticket in support they will help you to solve…

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thanks for your feedback i’ll do so

you get back your gig on search now ??

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no (you get back your gig on search now ??)