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Reason for fiver degradation

I am Roshni. It is not so long since I opened my fiver account. Last week I received an order and I was inconvenient to do that job that is why I rejected it. But from then onwards I was not much active in this forum as well as in my account. I realised that My account is being pushed to second page of buyers list as I was in first page before.
From my experience I advice you all to be active in fiver forum as well as in fiver account so that you won’t be degraded.

Thank you everyone.


Thanks for your valuable information


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Thank you for sharing experience.


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Thanks for your valuable tips

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Being active on the forum has nothing to do with your gig ranking.

Cancelling your order is more likely to be the reason.

If you type “lost gig rank after cancelling order” in the search bar above there are more than 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.


Thanks a lot for nice suggestions! god bless you

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If it hasn’t been long you’ve opened your account then maybe you shouldn’t be advising people. I appreciate your intention of helping people, but your advice is not factual and actually misleading as pointed out by Loyd.

Stick around the forum, read more and soon you’d be able to give sound advice to people.


It is worrying when 6 people (at the time of this response) ‘like’ a post that states incorrect facts.

To be clear: how long you spend on the forum has no influence whatsoever on where your gigs appear in Fiverr’s search results.

Sadly, there will be some desperate people who will likely believe what you’ve written - no doubt those who ‘liked’ the post thinking this is great advice.

I’m not wanting to make you feel bad, but if you don’t know something to be true - please don’t present it as fact.


If you aren’t spending time on the forum gathering information in hopes of bettering your gig and performance, then it’s utterly useless.

A month down the road you will see people claiming they spent 30 days active on the forum and on Fiverr for 10 hours a day and still haven’t got an order. The misleading information you and others share are the cause of this.


Yes, you are right. Keep it up.:heart:

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Thank you for sharing experience.

Thanks for sharing such a important experience which will be more helpful for new sellers like me.

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Thank you for your advice.


@english_voice, If it’s a misleading post I apologise u as well as all those who read, commented, liked this post. I just wanted to share what happened to me.

Thank you for your info.