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Reason for getting 3.7 Stars

I succesfully completed the order with the outcome the buyer love after that he marked order as comleted and I get 3.7 stars I asked my for the reason behind this feedback buyer replied
“In the past, I had some other logos done and the marketing company has done a few questions regarding the business and the market where is located for better understanding and development of the logo.”

Fiverr really think that there new rating system is taking fiverr to the next level ?


Makes no sense, or their feedback comment. :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s up to the buyer to tell you what they want, not for you to decide which questions should be relevant to ask, unless they ask for your advice.

If you were offering some sort of branding package, I could understand it a little more, but you’re creating a logo based on the buyer’s specification, not yours.

Maybe a seller this client had previously ordered from give some explanations on the symbolism of the logo that nextsparkle didn’t? Or they focused on making sure the logo fit the brand of the company? Just wild guesses.

Could be but

Seems they were happy with the result. :slightly_smiling_face:

He provided me with the tip when he marks the order as completed. And as he provided me a website i can get all the information from that source likely.I asked the relevant question about the company and industries and descriptions etc, not about their living location or anything that have no concern with the project

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