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Reason for Slow Sales?


Hey guys, I just was curious if anyone else is experiencing really low sales? I was doing decently before the month of November and then I traveled to S. Korea with my wife and suspended all my gigs… When I came back in December I did get some orders… but they were down by about 60%. Now I figure the reason was 2 fold… I was gone for a month and the holidays? I’m I correct in this assumption or is anyone else experiencing really bad sales?

Just curious more than anything… I wasn’t on here for last holiday season so I don’t know how much that effects stuff on here. I also read around on the forums about a new charge that fiverr has instituted… just curious about peoples thoughts on this.


Rob W.


Hi Rob,

Exactly same in my case as well. After December 8-10 getting very lesser orders compared to other months. In general I get 1-2 orders daily but in last 7 days got only 1 order & 2 orders in last 15 days. Really sad about this. May I ask moderators if there any reason or update on Fiverr which causing this? :frowning:




hello, am curious as well to know more… please i have not made any sales on fiverr ever since i have published my gigs. can you please tell me what could have happened to me?


Yeah… it is really bad… I’m hoping its just because of the holidays. I actually bought a new car and I was planning to make the payment with fiverr… which 2 months ago I could have make the payment 3 times over… Now I’m just hoping to make the payment… :confused: I still have faith though.


Reply to @multiplerose: One thing you may want to look at to help sales is an update on your gig graphics. While I am a graphic design I’m not really trying to sell anything to you… but I think it could help you a lot. Also you need to be more descriptive with your gigs.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:


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