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Reason of "Partial Delivery" Warning


Hello Doers,
We all have witnessed a couple of situations when a seller gets warning for delivering Partial Work and sometimes this results in getting banned permanently. I used to wonder how Fiverr CS know that a seller delivered incomplete work. :face_with_monocle:
I purchased a gig from a seller a few days ago and today the seller delivered order and these are the options from which I had to choose one.

If a buyer clicks 2nd or 4th option, I guess, this is alarming situation for the seller and can result in warning or account termination.
So be careful, deliver complete quality work, avoid violating Fiverr rules, stay safe and keep earning! :slight_smile:



it’s irrelevant , if I deliver a zip file for instance and a buyer can’t open the zip file from his phone he can easily select ‘’ I didn’t receive anything ‘’ even though he received exactly what was described . It would be silly to warn sellers because the buyer has no idea how to open a specific file even if you clearly explain in the delivery message how to open it .

Relax , in case of a warning or something like that someone from Fiverr actually checks if you delivered what is included in the package or not at least that would be normal .


I think this information is very helpful. Many sellers have posted about unwelcome surprises in the form of warnings or even suspensions. If sellers are aware of these easy-click buttons they might better be able to double check deliveries, send follow up questions, etc. Thanks!


I don’t think its an alarming situation for sellers, majority of these buyers contact fiverr about empty deliveries…


Like for real… I didn’t know such buttons existed though


It’s alarming situation when the click 2nd or 4th option instead of contacting with the seller.


These buttons didn’t exist in past. There used to be only two buttons

  1. Request a Modification
  2. Complete and Review

and now this has changed like this.


So they have four choices, all of them bad? No good choices?

It looks like they are supposed to pick one of the four. Isn’t there any other option that indicates they are ok with what they got?

Is there some way they can mark it complete and leave a review instead of choosing one of the four horrible choices?


Yeah it looks like an inherently biased system, which is counter-productive.


I don’t think it is biased…

If you read the question carefully, it says:

“What is your reason for not approving this delivery?”

So I think these 4 options only pop up when the buyer clicks on an option that indicates they don’t wanna accept the delivery yet.

Do you notice? There’s also a back or skip button which probably takes the buyer to the other pages where they can accept the order/submit a review.


Thought fiverr clearly stated it in the TOC that a buyer can’t cancel base on quality…??! I think that is misleading!
When a buyer click on dissatisfied with the quality hope it doesn’t have an option to cancel?!

They should only have an option to revise the work!!


Before these four options appear, a buyer is asked “Are you pleased with the delivery?” with these two buttons:

  1. Yes.
  2. No.

When a buyer clicks No, he/she gets the four options shared in this post.

Of course, If a buyer clicks “Yes”, he/she will be prompted to complete the order and leave review.


I am not sure what happens next when some click “I’m not satisfied with the quality”. May be this works as “private feedback”?


Hope it works that way…


I’ve seen this since a while already, and yes, it’s just more options to tell Fiverr why exactly you don’t want to complete an order. This doesn’t apply if everything was okay with your order.

Actually, I think this might have been introduced in favour of the sellers because a buyer must pick one of those specific reasons to not complete an order and there is no choice for “don’t want to complete because I want to go on holidays now and check the delivery only after that”, “want to show it to my colleagues first”, “want to let the seller dangle a bit and ask for additional work in the meantime”, or something like that, which aren’t things I made up but things sellers did complain about here on the forum.
It’s like “hi, unless any of these 4 things wasn’t okay with your order, please go ahead and complete it now”

I’ve completed the last couple orders I got without a problem and without having to pick anything that would have been bad for the seller.

I don’t think anyone who did not do an empty or partial delivery or anything mentioned there needs to worry, same as before.
With one exception - if the seller suffers from from the attachment bug (see the latest bug reports) and unknowingly sends an empty/partial delivery because of that, that’s another story.
Although buyers did obviously complain about that before this change as well, I guess it could be that more might click one of those buttons then instead of contacting the seller first to ask what’s up.
It’s advisable, however, to check every delivery message right after delivering anyway to make sure all files you attached are showing up as attached on the delivery message, so if you do that, and everything seems OK (personally, I’m taking screenshots too currently because of that bug), you should be fine, no change to before.


It would be helpful to know what happens when you choose each option.

Whatever buyers see now, I’m getting many more buyers marking my orders complete and leaving reviews and tips now in the last month so I’m not complaining.


true but I think some buyer are not following my delivery message for instance where I clearly explain where are the files , how to open the files … etc , if he can’t do that he might as well pick any reason for a revision …


Thanks for share important information


How the heck will they know if its partial work? Are you going to review the order themselves?