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Reason of "Partial Delivery" Warning


Those 4 options make buyer more confused. But in return seller may have to suffer a long (account suspension)

Concern no 1- What’s the chances that one buyer will not choose mistakenly any of the options from 2- 4?

Concern no 2- Does anyone makes all 100 buyers fully satisfied? If not then the buyer must have to choose the option 2-4. Then What will happen? A warning for seller. But there was a simple way to judge seller’s work is leaving a negative feedback for his dissatisfaction. I think, now there has no more way to leave feedback when buyer choose he is not satisfied.

Concern no 3- I have been with fiverr for 5 years. I had seen that most of the new buyers have no idea about the order and delivery process. In some causes, they text us and we help to know the order and delivery process. So it’s easy for them to be confused with those buttons. So seller get warning. I am a great sufferer from it :frowning:

Concern no 4- Seller usually delivered order in different file formats. In cause buyer can’t open the file or seller forget something to add in final delivery. Then buyer prefer to choose the button with word "i don’t receive anything’ rather than choose a revision option. Another warning!!

Concern no 5- When a flagged opened under a partial delivery order how fiverr team verify that the order was partial? Does they review the buyer and seller conversation and get idea about the order and judge is the order partial or not? i think they should do.

Concern no 6- After getting a warning and if it’s done mistakenly by a buyer. Is there any request options for seller to justify the warring issue? I think result always goes against seller.

I welcome any terms and services to make fiverr trusted marketplace but fiverr should have ensure no other good seller are suffered mistakenly by these terms.


This is fiverr Hide Review on Seller Condition.


This is terrible! What If a competitor order your Gig and mark that didn’t received what he ordered? You will get a warning automatically knowing how fiverr works. It is very easy to ban other sellers accounts now. Terrible.


I don’t think it’s automatic at all. I think Fiverr verifies the legitimacy of a customer’s complaint wherever possible before acting on/responding to the complaint. :slight_smile:


I really don’t think so. They don’t even check manually the IDs of sellers. Also you can get an automatic warning just for writing the word “Review” (as an example of How automated is their system)


The IDs are an entirely different matter, in my opinion. They’re something new that Fiverr has come up with. So that’s something totally different and cannot be compared to the other things that’ve been on Fiverr for a long time.

Typing certain words such as “Review” DO NOT trigger an automatic WARNING. They only trigger an automatic FLAG which then gets manually reviewed by Fiverr staff. If the context in which the word was used didn’t violate the ToS, your message (which had the word review in it) would be approved by Fiverr. Although the flagging of your message is automated, it still gets reviewed manually. I know this for a fact cuz I’ve experienced it.


No, this is not true. I know for sure because I recently bought a gig and the seller just sent me a poorly written message as delivery. I checked the box that says I did not receive what I ordered. The seller was not harmed and nothing automatic happened, the seller came back and send me a screenshot to attempt to prove the work. Based on that, the seller wouldn’t have received a warning either unless I had pursued a complaint as a buyer.


Very good to know. Without human verification this would be a chaos.



From my little experience I think they Check


Thats why i say everyday to myself ‘Keep knowing the fiverr’ .Thanks for sharing


they definitely check


You welcome… :slight_smile: