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Reasons for getting banned!


I wanted to know what are the main reasons one might get banned?



This is an easy one. The main reason is: ToS violation. :blush:

Okay… To elaborate a little bit more, the most common reasons, imo, are:

  • having multiple accounts,
  • having gigs that are in violation of the ToS,
  • plagiarism/copying someone else’s work and passing it off as their own (without having the rights to do so),
  • sharing/exchanging personal information,
  • having gigs that display external contact details/personal information,
  • contacting Fiverr users outside of Fiverr, and
  • contacting other sellers/previous buyers asking them for work or sending unsolicited messages to other Fiverr users via Fiverr’s inbox/messaging system (AKA spam).

Carefully go through Fiverr’s ToS (every so often) and abide by it. Do that and your account will be safe. :smile:


You can read all of this in the Fiverr ToS…