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Reasons that video are denied


I had my video denied 3 times. I changed in and was still denied. I can not find out why this was so i can correct the problem.
Normal companies have an ombudsman or a complaints department.
Can anyone advise me where I can lodge a complaint and get an answer as to why my videos are being denied?


William Rhodes

You need to contact Fiverr Customer Support. You will.find a link at the bottom of fiverr page to contact me.

Contact customer support here:

What was the content of the video? Perhaps someone on the forum can point out what the error is.

You could put the video on Youtube and put a link on the forum. There is a decent chance readers here can help you figure out what is wrong. Fiverr gives you fairly generic answers, but some of the basics are (get ready for this long list):

file size too big or too small, video too long or too short, displaying content that is copyrighted (minions, celebrities, logos of companies), using video that is poor quality or low resolution, displaying something in your video that isn’t true like a level badge you don’t have yet, etc.

There used to be requirements that you have “exclusively on Fiverr” displayed as text in your video and also spoken in your video. They have relaxed those requirements now but some editorial staff might still deny a video over that.

You have to have some kind of sound with your video in the entire thing, but it can be royalty free music or spoken audio. You cannot use copyrighted music or they will deny it for that.


If you followed someone
if you upload copyright video
If you didnt use your voice

So you’re saying using Herman Munster to do the shimmy shake, while using the the voice of Christoper Walken set to the theme of robocop was a not good idea…

This explains everything.

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If you followed someone, you’d probably be a stalker.
Copyright video - yes, bad idea.
Videos won’t be denied if you don’t use your own voice.