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Receive more clients

I receive 1 client on 5 or 6 day

I offer the best gig but want to receive buyers everyday

Can somebody with high experience on Fiverr tell me what 's the problem ?

This is my profile :

Thank you 8->

Hi majdagarou, I’m not a seller here on Fiverr, but I have alot of experience buying gigs.
I looked at your gigs and thought I would make a suggestion if I may. I think it would be in your best interest to be more diligent in your spell checking. For instance, in your about me page on your header, I would have Online “Business”. On one of your gig titles, I would go with “Researches”. In another “Skype”. Just check your gigs, make some minor corrections.
The devil is in the details :slight_smile:

Reply to @blackbear368:
Thank you so much for your reply :slight_smile:

I correct “I would have online BUSINESS”

But forthe title : I would go with “Researches” , Fiverr not will accept it because is short

I m happy for your reply :slight_smile: thank you =D