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Receive Spam Message

Hi everyone,
I Just have received a spam message (marked as spam by fiverr ) from a buyer. what should I do now?

Is it OK to reply him? or if i do not reply him,then will it effect my response rate?

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Ignore it.

It’s spam.


will it effect my response rate?

Just ignore it, no risk…

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Why would you respond to spam?

That’s the question.

If you NEED a “perfect” response rate, you won’t get it with spam.

I’m pretty sure Fiverr will have removed it from your inbox (hence, the notice from them that it’s spam) and it shouldn’t impact your rate.

But hey, what do I know?

Maybe you should respond to it and see if it’s an offer from a huge company needing your services.

Or maybe not.

That’s why it’s spam.

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Ok. thanks a lot for your time

No. It will not affect your account.

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I also have it in first day