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Received 2nd warning from fiverr how many remaining now?


After 3 months i got another surprised from fiverr. Saying that i deliveying my orders late. What i do sometimes i far away from my computer and their delivery is near like few minutes so what i do is deliver as text saying that i will deliver once i got home. So when i got home then i deliver it until now i don’t get any client who got annoyed by this.
Right now i got some projects who is in revision from many days (2 weeks maybe) but my clients are OK with this.

This warning really makes me frustrated. I spend almost my year sitting on computer 15-18 hours and kill my sleeps but now already received 2 warnings.
I know i’m not the only one here who did this and i’m pretty sure i’m not alone some people should have same situation as me.

1st one because of i was providing service which is against TOS.
2nd delivering late while clients are OK with this.

one of my friend frightening me that on 3rd warning gonna get banned.
Please say that it is wrong. :frowning:

RIght now i’m thinking that i better leave working instead of continue because i cannot watch my account dying like this. Also i know NO ONE ask me to Join fiverr and it doesn’t matter if i leave or not. But it feels so disappointing that after working so hard we gonna end up like this… in just few months…


Just get response from CS:

Sellers must deliver completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Work button (located on the Order page) according to the service that was purchased and advertised on their Gig.
Using the Deliver Work button may not be abused by sellers to circumvent Order guidelines described in this Terms of Service. Using the “Deliver Work” button when an order was not fulfilled may result in a cancellation of that order after review, affect the seller’s rating and result in a warning to seller.


There is no set number of warnings. Make sure you adhere to the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page so that you don’t get any more warnings.


Some sellers get banned after the 3rd warning.

Some get banned after the first one, depending on what they’ve done.

If you can’t get the work done before the deadline, you can ask for extension. To avoid that kind of problem in the future, you can also extend delivery times of your gigs, to something you’re more comfortable with.

If you haven’t done so already, read the ToS, so you get an idea what’s allowed, and what isn’t.


Thank you. I got some hope after reading this. I also asked this question in reply of CS. They gonna say the same thing? not sure then let’s see.
Believe me i read TOS like 3-4 times already when i joined fiverr. But i think i forget. But let me read again.


Are you really surprised? :thinking: You cannot :truck: deliver blank deliveries, you’re lucky they are giving you another chance to redeem yourself.

Even if your clients are not annoyed by a blank delivery, you’re breaking the TOS.

Play by the rules like everyone else and you wouldn’t be frustrated.

Deliver orders in a timely manner and STOP delivering blanks. Then you’re good to go. :ok_hand:t4: :pineapple:

Learn from your mistake and move on. Create multiple :national_park: streams of income don’t depend on 5r as your main source. Throwing yourself a pity party will not do you any good.


it’s just delay of few minutes or hours. :confused: But you have point. doesn’t matter if minutes or hours or even seconds.

that’s what i’m trying to do since i get 1st warning but still not getting time because of orders. But now i should pause orders and focus on them.


You are not the only person who breaks the rules or gets warnings. Everyone who breaks the rules eventually gets in trouble and sometimes they are banned. Sometimes it takes less than 3 warnings. 3 warnings is quite serious and it is typical for Fiverr to ban you if you get a third warning. It is based on a manual review. The best plan is to avoid getting any more warnings at all, or at least, be extra-cautious to get zero warnings for the next year.

In rare cases, you can get a warning for something that is a misunderstanding. (What you did was not a misunderstanding, it was a solid violation of the rules.) Since it is possible to get a warning based on a misunderstanding, once you have 2 warnings you could get banned so easily. It’s smart to diversify and it’s smart to be concerned about it.


So, you’re skating :ice_skate: :ice_skate: on thin ice. If you do continue working on this platform, just abide by their terms, read the TOS once in awhile, ask CS questions if you’re confused about something. What I said to you is the same advice, I’d give a friend. :slightly_smiling_face:


previous warnings can be removed? and of course i gonna be careful now. Just like you said manual reviews like suppose if i have 50+ reviews in next year? this can be helpful?

Yes i read TOS before, but i forget and that forgetfulness take me to this.


Deliver the orders you have in your queue, but after that take a step back and try to reduce your working hours. Sooner or later these 2 warnings will be the least of your problems. It’s not about how many hours you work, it’s about what you deliver and what it’s worth.

Once you improve your work process and reduce the # of hours you work, you won’t have to deliver empty orders.


probably i’m lucky guy as @nikavoice said.


Maintain ToS you won’t get any warning. I completed almost 3000 orders without getting any warning


No, warnings cannot ever be removed. Since account bans are based on a manual review, though, if a staff member sees that you had a warning a year ago and then you get a new warning for something mild, they might not ban you. On the other hand, if you’ve already had two warnings and then you get a third one for something really basic, like using the word “payment” in a message, you might get banned immediately. How many reviews you get doesn’t seem to make much difference.


Wow this is really great